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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 17

Steno Machine for Alice
After graduation Nan proceeded to enter the work force. With her father's influence she had no trouble gaining employment.

Due to her popularity she was planning on settling on a M.R.S. degree and becoming a house wife within the upper crust-ers.

There was no short supply of suitors and it seemed inevitable that she would land a rich husband.

Agnes went from the R.O.T.C. program into basic training for the Marine Corp.  She wrote that it was considerably harder than the program taught at school.

She managed to score well in the overall performance, and was placed in the motor pool for the time being. Her weight of two hundred and twenty pounds from when started in high school, was down fifty pounds, and she was very well muscled up.

Both Archie and Alice had little time off.  With her working, going to school and studying, their social time together was completely changed.

She began to understand what Archie had been going through the last couple of years in High school. The one thing that helped them be with one another was they studied together.

They didn't talk much as they studied, but just being with each other counted heavily in their relationship. They alternated on having Sunday dinner, one week it was with Aunt Celia and the next with Alice's folks.

During the first year Alice managed to get an old stenograph machine from a reporter who was retiring.  He had no further use for it and all the court reporters wanted the newer models.

She took it to work with her and in her spare time learned to use it while letters were being dictated to her.

She had learned short hand while in school but reading and transcribing the machine notes was a little different.

The reporter, from whom she got the machine, also gave her a full carton of paper so she wouldn't have to buy any for some time.

She fantasized about being in court, and taking down testimony during an important trial; where she would have the responsibility of providing the written text for the attorneys.

Even as she thought about it she realized she was a long way off from being a "Registered Professional Reporter." This was going to take some time to accomplish.

High school was one thing but the next four years was to be tedium plus.

Archie realized that he and Alice needed to have something to focus on besides work and study.

As things stood now Alice had gone from the “Chase mode” to the, "I have captured him state." Or in other words her attitude changed to, "I've got him now.”

As for Archie he had concluded that sooner or later he would marry her, or perhaps it would be better stated that she would marry him.

It was in the second year of college that Alice sat Archie down and said, “I think we should have a serious talk.”

He knew her well enough to know something was up.

She said, “We have been going together for three years isn't that right?” and he agreed, “Yes that's about right.”
She went on and said, “You know that I intend to marry you?” to which he answered, “I figured you would.”

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Then she went on saying, “What you don't know is I'm going to marry you now.”  

Archie said, “Wait a minute, we haven't discussed that.”

Alice said, “We are discussing it right now.”

He objected and said, “We can't afford to get married until we get our education over with.”

He knew just as sure as he was sitting there that she had already solved that problem at least in her mind.

She went on, “We can get married now, for I have thought it out, and see no reason why we can't.”  

He was afraid to ask about where they could live. 
She anticipating that question said, “I have discussed this with Aunt Celia, and we came to the conclusion that I will move in with you and her, because she said she would enjoy the company.”

Alice went on saying, “We are young and there isn't any reason why we can't begin to enjoy the benefits of being married, instead of waiting for years and struggling with the frustrations of being single.”

To be Continued  

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