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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 20

Men Began to Notice Celia
Archie wondered why is it that time slows down as you approach the end of something. He still had a year to go in school, and that meant the tedium would continue to enfeeble him.

Study is Hard Work

If it wasn't for him working in the law office it would have been a lot worse.

For this last year they were able to came up with some scholarship money and that made life a little easier.

Archie wasn't studying to be a trial lawyer for his desire was to be a corporation attorney with his specialty being Mergers and Acquisitions.

He knew he still needed help in people skills so he would spend the next months taking various courses relating to that.

The work in the law office was in a sense flunky work, but he was able to observe works in progress, and steps needed to put the deal together.

Nothing ever went as planned, and being able to circumvent to issues that arise was the secret to getting the deal done.

One thing that had changed was Alice had become certified, and was now getting a court job occasionally. Most of her work was just two or three days on cases quickly resolved.
She knew in the future there would be trials that would last for weeks, and she hoped to be used on them.

Alice in her free time began to take Celia out with her, to meet new people.

Among them were a number of eligible bachelors, and some of them around Celia's age began to notice her as a woman.

Prior to this Celia had avoided as much contact with men as possible except on business, and to see them in a social manner was something new to her.

She told Alice, “The way these men are looking at me makes me nervous. It is like they are hungry, and I am on the menu.”

Alice laughed and said, “That is about it, because that is the way most men are.  

It is that hunter instinct in them. I will have to show you how to hold their interest and keep them at bay at the same time. It is a game that goes on out in society, and can be fun if you can stay above the pitfalls.”

“Pitfalls,” said Celia, “I don't know if I want to play this game.”

Alice said, “It will be second nature shortly, and you will master it.”

After a few safaris into the dark land of make believe where the cave man syndrome prevails, Celia began to get the drift of what it was all about.

Many wanted to play the game but were handicapped by being married. Others tried to forget about the ring on their finger and were short termed at best.

Along with several other categories there were a few who were interested in a genuine relationship with the goal of finding a lifetime companionship.

After a few sorties into this sea of purple promises, Celia was able to stay off the rocks of disappointment.

While she remained aloof, underneath she was thoroughly enjoying the attention paid her. When they were at social event men would be attracted to Alice, and she would shift their attention over to Celia without them realizing it.

Celia said, "I don't know if I will ever want to be married again, but an occasional date might be fun."

Alice answered and said, “This is what it is all about, living life to the fullest, and you can't do that when you stay at home all the time.

Celia agreed, but for me - - men are just a part of that, and not the whole thing.

To be Continued  


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