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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 17, 2013


This is an extra post to share at Hazel's "Tell Me a Story, and my Fictional Continued story will be here shortly!  My Home page is:
Black Knight
The knight of old wasn’t very bold but forth he went, anyway!
Of the night he was afraid, still he sought a maid but only during the day.
His mother said Son, don’t be afraid to run if you need to get-a-way

Better to live not die, to fight another day regardless of what some say                                                                 

The knight now embolden went forth and waited for one to challenge his will. 
Inwardly he wondered if anyone had ever seen an armor suit filled with such fear,
- - and one who held his life as dear as he.

Backward yea backward to the bushes his retreat.

For hoofs approached, and he waited for the champion knight to appear.   

Suddenly burst upon the scene, the knight trembled and knees did shake

for alas the fearful sword was almost here.

Then he saw what had made him quake, twas a farmer with oxen numbering eight.
Pulling his wagon for heaven’s sake,

Not the Castle Champion that he so feared, that only the thought of him…
Could make him quake.
With neither victory nor defeat counted this day,
To home he did wend his way,
Thinking of grog in the night, for he could down it with the best of men but then!
Standing before him, the Black Knight blocked his way…….

Some say it was the shortest of all fights ever fought in that land,
- - and still standing was the fearful one with no blood on his sword.
It was a butcher knife still held in a mother’s hand that ended the life of the baddest black knight in the land.


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