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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 32

Special Forces
Archie was glad to put this week behind him.

His boss, Lester and he sat down on Monday and discussed last week's events.

Archie said, “I never could have accomplished what we did had it not been for the security guards, they were marvelous. Who are these guys anyway?”

Archie continued, “I never discussed anything personal with them as to who they are or their family or anything.”

Lester said, “It wouldn't have done much good to try for they are very private and perhaps you can understand that after being with them last week.

I can tell you this much and that were in Special Forces for much of their military career and they are rock hard in every way whether it is in the physical or the mental area.”

Archie said, “They sure were what I needed, for they even scared me I can't imagine how those guys they intimated felt.  All I know is they wanted to tell everything they knew after a few minutes with them.

One thing I noticed was that one of them did all of the man handling of those crooks and the other just watched.”

Lester said, “Yes it only took the one to scare them, the other was there to tell him to stop when they had enough for the first one would kind of lose it when he got serious.”

Archie said, “Wow they are sure handy to keep around.”

Lester said, “Yea you sure got that right.”

Archie returned to the task at hand for this last week had been taken up with the problems he had to deal with.

The merger was proceeding smoothly although it would take several weeks to put everything into place.

At least their competition had been removed.

The firm in question were in the process of losing their licenses, their good standing and facing jail time for what they had done.

Even several who had nothing with the offense were also going to suffer because of losing their jobs.

Archie had one more thing to deal with and that was Alice.  It wasn't just a simple forgive and forget circumstance.

He realized it wasn't entirely her fault that she got caught up in what just happened for she was just a pawn they tried to use.

The problem was she had put her self in the position to be used that way.

These friends of hers are leading her down the wrong path and Archie had enough of her not being home and staying out all night.

He was too angry at her to deal with it at present so he went on as if nothing had happened.

There was a coldness creeping in that couldn't be hidden, and it was causing their relationship to be intolerable.

He was content to let things come to a head naturally instead of rushing into something that he couldn't control.

One thing that bothered him was he had grown up, and Alice had remained a teenage in conduct.

She was on the verge of losing her job, and she would have to go into another field if that happened.

With both of them working they had hired a Filipino girl to clean and cook their meals and Alice had been very short with her for no reason and the girl quit.
Archie lit into Alice for causing the girl to quit, and it appeared to be near the time when they would have it out.

A short while later Archie came home a few minutes early for they were eating out since the maid quit. 

Alice was on the phone and didn't notice Archie come in. 

He overheard her saying; "Go ahead and set it up for I can handle ole Arch...

She went on saying; "What he don't know won't hurt him.  Make sure the guys know we can spend the night, and to be prepared to spend some big money on us.”

It was then she realized that Archie was home, and had heard her conversation.

She lashed out at him and said, “If you didn't want to hear that you shouldn't have been listening.”

He calmly said to her, “I don't want to interfere with your plans but I want you out of here by the weekend.”

Then he added I would leave, but I can't let you have the apartment since it belongs to the firm and they wouldn't allow it.

To be Continued   


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