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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 8

 She will call You!
It was a couple of months before the Junior Prom, but Archie thought he would like to go out with May before then, and get better acquainted.

The more he thought about it he wondered if Nan had told May to be nice to him, and go to the prom with him. Something just didn't seem right about the whole thing.

He called May's house and her father answered and Archie asked to speak to May.  Her dad said, “What is this about?” Archie said, “I would like to invite May to go to the movies on Saturday.”

May’s dad said. “I will tell her about this, and if she wants to go I will have her call you this evening and if she doesn't call you will have your answer.”

Archie thought, “It seems to me I have been through this before,” so he said, “If I could please speak to her, we could get this settled now.”

All was quiet for a full minute, and to Archie it seemed like an hour. Not a sound on the line. Finally her dad cleared his throat and said, “I’ll see if she wants to talk to you.” Archie said, “Thanks; I will hold on the line and wait for one of you.”

Archie thought while waiting, “I sure would hate to be serious about her and have to go through this every time I wanted to speak to her.” 
After three minutes a voice spoke and said, “You must forgive my father for sometimes he gets overprotecting.”  
Archie said, “He is a little intimidating with his routine, and I could see how you would miss a lot of dates this way.”

She said, “Yeah, probably so, he believes that all boys are evil and I have come to believe half of them are and the jury is still out on the other half.

What did you want to talk to me about?”  Archie laughed and said, “I can't remember but if I think of it I will call again sometime.” She said, “Dad said something about the movies.”

Archie laughed again and said, “I was only kidding about forgetting.  What I wanted to do was to get to know you a little better, and I thought perhaps we could go to the movies this Saturday and have a sandwich afterward.

I also wanted to make sure you still want to go to the Prom.
To be truthful I suspected that Nan might have influenced you to go with me and I wanted to make sure you weren't doing it as a favor for her - - you know as a mercy date.”

She said, “Why don't we go to the movies and talk about it.”  She thought she saw a way out of something she didn't really want to do.

Archie said, “That sounds like a good idea.” She said, “It makes me look a bit forward, but I have to call someone if I want to talk to them instead of them calling me because my dad filters my calls for me, so I may be calling you.

After he hung up Archie thought, “Her dad thinks all boys are evil... humm... I think he might be right.  All the ones I know are kinda sneaky and if I had a daughter I wouldn't trust her to go out with them.”

The days passed slowly but Saturday came and Archie went to the theater and got in line for their tickets. As he waited for May his tormentors showed up and started to say some pretty ugly things to him.

As May arrived they only got worse, and blocked their way into the show.

Archie ask them to let them pass and they said, “No way, what are you going to do about it? Where is your bodyguard today couldn't she make it?”

Archie spoke up and said to one of them, "I believe your father works for May's dad, and if I tell him you have been hassling May, your father will be looking for a new job come Monday. 
And if anyone of you touch us, you will face the judge for assault and perhaps even battery for I will have you arrested and will sue your parents for a whole litany of other damages."

After a staring contest for a minute they moved aside and let them pass.
After entering the movie May said, "Those guys looked pretty tough and I was a little uncomfortable out there."
Archie said, “They have beaten me up several times. I'm not afraid of them for I heal pretty fast.”

She said, “Would you have them arrested?” He said, “Yes, because this has been going on for several years and it's time for it to stop.”

As they took their seats May thought, “Maybe there is more to this guy than people think.”    
To be Continued   

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