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Monday, June 3, 2013


This post is extra so I can enter it on my wife Hazel's True Story site. My continued stories will be here shortly so do not panic.  Here is my home page

Train Station
Many years ago (like in the forties) I traveled by train from the west coast to my home state of Tennessee.

In order to get there I first had to go to Chicago and there change stations.

It was necessary to leave the station and travel across town to another station in order to board another train to take me where I wanted to go.

Had I not made that change I would have ended up somewhere I didn't want to go like New York. 

A similar thing happened to me spiritually when I found the way I was going would not get me to where I wanted to go, which was Heaven.

Much of the world today finds themselves in the same predicament as I was in and there are some who are doing exactly as I did - - -

They are changing stations and getting on the train that will take them home (Heaven).

Unless they want to go to New York (Hades) they will have to get off the train that takes them there.

There is the paradoxical situation they find themselves in and while they don't really want to end up in Hades they in fact are shoveling coal into the firebox, building up more steam in order to get there faster.

It is a common practice to; "Deny the reality in order to change the inevitable" the only thing wrong with that theory is it doesn't work.

The inevitable can only be affective by changing the circumstances that create the inevitable, thus in my case it was the need to change stations.

When I discovered that truth then it was easy to make the necessary decision as recorded in;

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Doing that changed not only stations for me it also changed me and made me fit for my journey and as the song says;


Well, I wouldn't take nothin, for my journey now
I'm, gonna make it to Heaven somehow
Though the devil tempts me and tries to turn me around
He's offered everything that's got a name
All the wealth I want and worldly fame
If I could still I wouldn't take nothin, For my journey now.

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