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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 10, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 12

Prom Tickets

It was the week of the Prom and Archie had been talking to Agnes and Nan about it.

Agnes was going with her boy friend, and Nan had been invited to go with a boy she liked who was closer to her height than Archie was.

No one was taking the boy/girl thing too seriously for once inside the boys and girls would hang out with each other anyway, rather than dancing.

Agnes said her boyfriend was going to rent a motorcycle with a side car for them to go in because it would be better than each riding their own bikes.

Nan said her date had hired a limo and was picking her up at her house.

Archie kept quiet for May's dad couldn't drive him and May to the prom, but he insisted that her mom do it. They came by and picked Archie up and he gave May a very nice corsage that his Aunt had picked out for her.

May was quiet pleased with it for his Aunt had called and asked what color her dress was going to be so the corsage would match it.

It was decided that May’s mother would pick them up at ten thirty and bring them home.  Out in the parking lot there were a lot of limousines parked and several guys had their own cars by this time.

As May's mother pulled up to the entrance of the hall there were many of the boys standing outside while the girls had gone inside.
Archie was dreading having to run the gauntlet of boys with their unseemly remarks in order to get in, but the girl he was with looked better than most.

Archie noticed that with heels on May was just about two inches taller than he was.  
He knew he was still growing because his pants were showing his sox more than they had been.  He hadn't realized he had gotten this much closer to what some call normal.
May wouldn't dance with anyone but Archie, because some of the guys weren't too careful where they put their hands, and she didn't want to spend the evening trying to control them.

May, Agnes, and Nan spent some time talking to each other, but Archie mostly spoke to the teacher chaperones.

Right on the dot at ten thirty May's mom arrived and delivered Archie back home ending this year's big event for the tenth graders.

The school year would be over in a few weeks and the summer would be a mish mash of doings for the students.

It would be Summer school for some and a job for others while the well off kids would be just having fun and traveling.

Nan's father had offered Archie a job for the summer, and he took him up on it. The secretaries ordered him around, but he didn't mind too much for he would always smile and say, “Yes mamm, right away,” that would always disarm them somewhat.

Since he worked in the afternoons until six he took some college classes in the mornings and on Saturday.  He rarely saw any of the girls that were his friends.

On occasion May and her mother would stop by the office to visit and talk to May's dad about something because he wouldn't talk to them on the phone.
They knew if they phoned, his excuse always was that he would talk to them later at home.  Dropping by the office was a sure way to speak to him.

Even though the secretaries looked at him disapprovingly, Archie talked to May for a few minutes and said, “We should do something sometime.”

She said, “That would be nice, I'll call you for I know you don't like to talk to my dad.”

The secretaries told him that he shouldn't be talking to May because her dad wouldn't like it, but Archie said, “Why not, she's my girl friend.”

They looked askance and doubtfully said, "No way."

To be Continued

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