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Sunday, June 16, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 18

A Private Wedding
Archie sat stunned for it had never entered into his mind that he would be getting married anytime soon.

He just wouldn't let the thought be debated in his mind.

It wasn't as if he didn't have moments of passion when he and Alice were near each other, and when they kissed it was almost more that he could control so he avoided most of those kind of times.

He said to himself, “It isn't enough that I have to deal with these feelings, now she comes up with this idea.”

He said, “What makes you think we need to marry now?”

She answered, “Archie my man, I can almost read your mind, I know what you are thinking when we are close, and it would do you no good to deny it.

You need a wife, you need me without reservations and your Aunt agrees with me.”

Archie gasped, “You mean you have talked all this over with Celia?”

“Yes, she agrees with me one hundred percent.”

Archie said, “I will never be able to face my Aunt again.”

Alice said, “In two weeks we have a few days break from school, and we can take off from work for a short honeymoon. Then we will be back to the business at hand, and afterwards we will make time for ourselves.”

Archie said, “I will be so embarrassed every time I see Auntie for she will know what we are doing.”

Alice said, “Archie you are going to have to grow up and enter the adult world. You have been so involved in getting educated you haven't bothered to act your age.”
Their wedding was a private affair at Alice's folk's home, and they went to her folk's cabin up at a nearby lake for the few days they had off.

Her folks moved her trunks and things over to Celia's while they were gone, and when they came home everything was ready for them. Alice told Celia all (well not exactly all) about their time at the lake.

Archie had never gone fishing before, so Alice had to show him how it was done.  He had never cleaned a fish before either, so Alice told him what to do but made him actually do it.

It was the same when they took the row boat out, he didn't know how to use the oars.

The one thing Alice did was the cooking for she wasn't about to let Archie do that.

His contribution was to clean up, wash the dishes and put them away. When they returned home, Alice said, I had to teach that boy about everything.

Aunt Celia smiled and said, “I bet you did.”

The next day it was back to the old routine and after a little teasing, everyone soon forgot about Archie's new status.

A couple of weeks passed and Archie still had trouble putting all of the last few weeks into some perspective. He had the opportunity to speak to his Aunt alone and he asked her what she thought about what happened.

She said, I think it's wonderful. Archie said, “Yeah but you know I didn't ask her to marry me, she just told me we were going to get married.”

His Aunt Celia asked him, “Aren't you glad to be married?”

He said, “Yes, sure, it's just that it doesn't seem right the way it came about.”

Celia answered, “If Alice had left it up to you would you be married now?”

 He said, “Probably not.”

“Then aren't you glad it worked out the way it did?”

“Yeah,” he answered.

His Aunt then asked, “What is your problem?  C'mon out with it. I'm tired of you tap dancing around what you want to say.”

Archie answered, “Well it's this way, every since we met, she has been, well it's like she can read my mind, and she tells me what we are going to do. That doesn't seem normal, does it?”

She thought for what seemed alike a long minute and said, “No it isn't ‘normal’ unless you have found the right woman. If you have then it is the way it should be. For then there is an oneness between you, spirit, soul and body.

It is an intuitive thing with women. Men don't have that, and it confuses them, even scares them at times. Besides that she is wise beyond her young age, she has wisdom that few women have.”

Celia said, “I hope that helps you a little, if not we can talk some more.”

Archie said, “No I think that's enough and when he left her - -

He was thinking, “I get it’ boy am I lucky.”

To be Continued.

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