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Saturday, June 8, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 10

Always will be Daddy's Little Girl
After going to the show with May, Archie felt better about the whole event.

Midweek May called Archie and said, “If you aren't doing anything tomorrow evening you can come over if you would like.”

Archie said, “Will it be alright with your dad?”  

She said, “Sure he won't mind.”

Archie responded, “You know he wasn't too friendly the last time I was over there. When we were handling my aunt's financial problem he was cordial but when it is social he seems different, very different.”  

May said, “Dad doesn't trust boys of any class, I have told him I was going to the prom with you so he understands why we are around each other.
That doesn't mean he has changed his attitude toward you, only that he knows why I speak to you.” She continued, “Both me and mom know how to handle him.”

“With my Mom she just tells him how its going to be, but with me it is just a matter of out smarting him. I want him to get off your case so here's what you are to do.

When you get here I will leave you alone with him and you must look like you are totally intimidated by him and can scarcely get you words out when answering him.
If you can pull that off then he will trust you and you can come and go without him scowling at you. Do you thing you can pull it off?”

Archie said, “Sure that will be easy for truthfully I am intimidated by him.”

When Archie arrived May made sure she would answer the door and lead him into her dad's study. She sat him down and left as planned.

May's dad just scowled at him and Archie lowered his eyes and wouldn't look up. Finally her dad asked Archie some questions and he just stumbled over his answers.

Her dad relaxed and began to be friendlier and May came in and rescued Archie before he fainted from stress.

She led him to a back room and said, “We can stay here as long as we keep the door open.”

May's mother came in and May introduced Archie as the one she was going to the prom with. Archie relaxed and had a very cordial conversation with her. 
May said, “Mom will accept you as my friend, and any of dad's objections from now on will just be moot points.”

May went and got some refreshments for them and the rest of the evening was spent getting to know each other's past.

Over the next two weeks May invited Archie over a couple more times each time he acted timid and unsure of himself in the presence of May's dad.

This time after Archie left her dad said, “That young man is so insecure of himself I don't know if I want you associating with him.”

May said, “I will see if I can bring him out of his shell, in fact I'm sure I can.”

The next time he saw May she told him what her dad had said and Archie said, “Thank goodness that was exhausting me, wearing that hangdog look.”

The next time he visited May he was outgoing and very sociable. After he left May's dad said, “You are a miracle worker. I can't believe he is the same person you first brought over here.”

The next afternoon May met Archie at his Aunt's house and she told him what her dad had said and they both laughed long and hard so much so Archie's Aunt heard them and wanted to know what was going on.

They told her in detail what had happened and she laughed and said, “You two can't be trusted together.”

To be Continued  

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