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Friday, November 21, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 6

The Honeymoon and Other Things

When we arrived at the hotel we found that Charlie had reserved a suite for us and it was all paid for.

It took most of the day to get married. Getting the license and Linda wanted a nice dress for the ceremony. After we emphatically said our “I Do’s, we had a pleasant dinner and retired to our room.”

Linda put on a negligée and said what before, she had so often said to me; “You can have me if you want me.”

The difference was this time I answered, “I want you… now.”

We spent the next four days doing what honeymooners do and I received a packet from Charlie with air tickets and show tickets for a week in New York.  Then it was on to Paris for a week.

After we returned I tried to thank Charlie but he said I did this for two of my favorite people and besides Barbra engineered the whole thing for she wanted her little sister to have the time of her life.

We decided to spend a month in the apartment and then move over to the big house. We had a suite of rooms all for ourselves and plenty of privacy. Linda selected a maid for us after we moved to the big house and I approved of her after seeing how efficient she was.

Lenore’s bad choice

Meanwhile Renee had introduced Lenore to a broker she had met and they seemed to hit it off right away. She had just turned thirty and marriage was on her mind.

Thing of it was the guy was only interested in getting her to invest in several of his schemes and he turned on all of his charm.  After he had her heavily invested he took off with her money and left her with worthless stock.

When she sheepishly came to Charlie she was embarrassed to tell him of her errors in judgment. After it all came out he got on the phone and was able to locate the mystery man and a few days later Charlie called Lenore and had her come down to the office.

He told her to go into his office and wait for him. A few minutes later he came into the office with a bag full of paper money. He told her he was going to invest her money for her because there are too many guys just looking for women with money.

She said thank you Charlie and I’m so glad Barbra married you. She said if you don’t mind will you tell me how you retrieved my money?

He said you don’t need to know that; just be glad you have it. She said I am glad and thank you again.

I thought I would try my luck and see if Charley would tell me how he got her money back. He said you remember, “The Man” who brought Linda home that night?”

“Yes I remember that night all too well.”

“That man was the one I sent to find Lenore’s money.  When he found the thug with her money he convinced the guy it would be better for all parties if he would return all the money with interest. After ‘The man’ got through explaining the downside of trying to keep the money, the hooligan was more than glad to return it.

Linda gets more education

Linda decided to go to college and get a degree in business shortly after we were wed.

Some three months into the semester she came home and told me that she was having trouble with a guy that wouldn’t leave her alone. It seems he considers himself to be what every woman needs. She said, “I have done everything I can think of to put him off but he keeps trying to put his hands on me.”

I told her, “I would see to it tomorrow.”

She said, “Usually I can usually handle these would be Romeo’s but he won’t be deterred. I called Charlie that evening and told him I wouldn’t be in tomorrow and explained why. He said he really needed me tomorrow and wanted to know the guy’s name who was giving me the problem. He said he would look into it for he couldn’t have him interfering with his business and me not being there would do just that.”

The next day Linda thought she saw, “The Man” who brought her home that time, the one who finished ripping her clothes off.

She didn’t see the guy who had been harassing her for which she was glad. It just so happened that “The Man” collared the would be lover and explained it would be in his interest to never come near to Linda or ever speak to her again.  

“The Man” badly broke the guy’s nose and gave him a picture of Paddy O’Neill who had a hundred and eighty four fights including amateur bouts and due to so many bouts his nose was flat and spread out on his face.
The “man” told the guy that was what he would look like if he bothered Linda again.

As he was leaving the "Would be Romeo," “The Man said; “do you have any idea how hard it is to breathe with a nose like that which can’t be repaired?”

Apparently the boy got the message for she never saw him again. I asked Charlie what happened and he said I can’t have you getting into trouble for I need you here.

I thanked Charlie and thought everyone needs a friend like Charlie. While cuddling that night I told Linda if she had any more trouble she should tell me immediately instead of letting it drag on and encouraging the guy who was pursuing her.

Some Girls Enjoying Flirting
She said, “I shouldn’t admit it but having someone pursuing you is a little titillating.  While most women won’t own up to it, privately they get a good feeling from attention unless it goes too far.

In a lot of cases they encourage the pursuer by being “Coy.”  Setting this up gives them a chance to be outraged at the 'Would be' lover’s advances.  
Along with that comes a feeling of power which is most desirable. The downside to this is many have succumbed to their advances in the process.”

After all that information, I told her, “It seems you understand all about these games,” and turned over and went to sleep.

All this talk had caused me to lose all interest in taking our cuddling any farther for that night.


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