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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 7

Agnes was getting a Harley
It was back to school the next day and Agnes caught up with Archie and said “Where were you yesterday? I looked for you, but you were nowhere to be found.”

He said, “I had to take care of some business for my Aunt, but how was your first day back?”

She replied, “Outside of having a few testy words with some of the boys from last year everything was fine.”  

Agnes continued, “Nan and I had lunch together and had some girl talk. We both missed you yesterday for you were always here at school.”

Archie said, “I don't plan to miss any more days if I can help it.”

Agnes said Nan told her she was going to get a car and she was looking forward to that.  

About this time Nan joined them and they decided to get together at Nan's house in the evening and discuss the coming subjects for the year.

They looked over the special events scheduled for the year and tried to make a decision as to which ones they wanted to attend.

There were about a hundred events scheduled some were dependent on whether you were; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.  

Archie had another spurt of growing during the summer and was five foot six which was more in the range for several guys in his class.
Agnes was still six inches taller than Archie and Nan was two inches taller but he was growing and feeling more comfortable with himself.

Nan asked Archie if he was going to get a car this year and he said, “It doesn't look like it, but anyhow I get by using the bus.”

Agnes said she was getting a Harley Davison, and would be riding it to school. As it turned out half of Archie's class got cars that year and the school's parking lot was getting full.

After Nan got her car she became more popular, and several guys wanted to date her. This meant Archie saw a lot less of her outside of classes.

While he missed seeing her it gave him more time to focus on his school work.  
Agnes had found a friend who was also in the R.O.T.C. and when ever there was a social event at school they went together leaving Archie on his own most of the time.

He skipped most of the socials, but he was considering the Prom. Nan had several offers so he didn't ask her but he thought of Nan's friend May.

May went to a different school so she might be free. He figured that it was just the junior prom if he didn't go it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

He called May's house and her father answered and he wanted to know how he and his aunt were doing.

Archie said everything was well and the reason he was calling to see if May would be interested in attending the junior prom with him and if it would it be alright with him.

He hadn't intended to ask the father about it but since he was talking to him he did.
Her dad said May isn't here but I'll tell her you called and if she wants to go I'll have her call you back. If she doesn't call you back tonight then you will have your answer.

Archie said that sounds like a plan and I will be waiting for her call or no call whichever happens.

Afterwards he thought, “That is a strange way to ask for a date or to get a refusal. On the other hand it saves everyone any embarrassment if the answer is no.”

Archie had to go to the store for his aunt and while he was gone May called him.

His aunt said, “He will be back before long if you want to call back.” May said, “Just tell him yes, I will go to the Prom with him. He should call me with the details some time before the day of it.”

A busy week went by when he remembered he needed to call May so later that evening he called and her father answered. Archie said, “May I talk to May?”

Her father recognized his voice and said, “She is out for the evening but you can leave your message with me.”
Archie gave May's dad all the details and Archie said “I will see May the evening of the Prom.”  
To be Continued

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