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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 1, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 33

Alice Leaving and Looking Back
After the confrontation with Alice, Archie said, “Since you have plans for the night I'm going out to eat and when I return I expect you to be gone on your date for the night.”

Archie continued, “I don't want to see you again unless it is necessary until you are moved out.
You can either stay with one of your girl friends or actually move in with one of your lovers for you must have more than one. This will give you the freedom you want and need.”

Alice didn't protest, she just said, “If that’s the way you want it then okay.”

Little by little she moved her stuff out.  Come to find out none of her friends were interested in letting her move in with them and her boy friends just laughed at her.

Alice managed to get a small apartment but now she had to be at work everyday since she was on her own.

Archie filed for a divorce and resolved to give Alice a large cash settlement.

When they showed up at the law office to sign the papers Alice said, “No hard feelings,”  to which Archie said, “I'm afraid there are many hard feelings about the way things turned out but I wish you well,” and left it at that.

Everything showed so much promise when they first started out but it all had turned out badly. 

About six months later his boss, Lester, told Archie the board wanted to talk to him. He was curious as to what they had on their mind because as far as he knew, he had not done anything wrong.

The partners all sat around the oblong table as board members do, and the chairman said, “Come in and have a seat.”  Archie greeted each of them and was seated.

The chairman spoke first and said, “We have been impressed by the way you have conducted yourself and have done your work. We have thrown many things your way, and you have done the work without complaining so we have an offer for you to consider.

What we are going to offer will require you to relocate to Huston Texas.

For many months we have been considering opening an office there but have been waiting until we found the right man for the job. The entire board has agreed that you are the man, so it is yours if you want it.  Lester will go over what we have in mind for that office because it won't be a duplication of our firm here in New York.”

Later Lester told him, “It will be more of a general law practice, with a full service firm including criminal defense, estate planning and so on.  We want to handle almost everything clients may need.

The only thing you will refer to our New York office will be Mergers and Acquisitions that will be handled here where we are better equipped to handle it.”

Lester said, “That's about it. We expect it will take a year for you to get it up and running as we would expect.”

Archie asked if he could take his immediate staff and Lester said, “Certainly, that is if they are willing to move to Huston.”

Archie said, “I need some time to go over this in my mind for it will be a large undertaking to say the least.”  Archie requested, “I don't want anyone to hear about this for it will upset the routine around here.”

Archie told Marcy he had a big decision to make and he would like for her to help him make it.

He wanted to drive a couple of hours out of New York near the Catskills to a small Inn where he and Alice had spent a few days sometime before.

She said she would like to get out of the city but insisted that she pay for her room. Archie said, “That wouldn't be necessary but if it would make you feel better about going, then you could do it.”

Archie made the reservations and they left early arriving for dinner around seven o'clock. After dinner they spent an hour just relaxing overlooking the lake saying very little.  

To be Continued 

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