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Monday, August 24, 2015



It must have been in the seventies that I ordered a new vehicle for work. It was hard waiting day after day even though I had been told it would be at least a month before I would get it. This was in part because I had ordered it special. At least several times a day I would think about getting my new van and driving it.
I had requested they make some adjustments on it because of the way I would use it.
I had everything figured out so it would meet all my needs and then… I got a call from the dealership that my van was on the production line and it wouldn’t be long now.

But then… the news came on the T.V. the auto workers have gone on strike.

Week after week I waited for the strike to be over and then finally it was back to work. My van was half built when the strike started and when the workers came back to work they didn’t know where they left off when starting the strike. Another three weeks passed and I got the call to come and get my van it was finished.

Of course I was excited after having to wait all these months so I rushed down and brought my vehicle home. Within a few days the transmission had to be replaced so once again I had to wait for the old one to be removed and to be replaced with a new one. A few more days went by and the motor had to be completely rebuilt.

Another few weeks waiting for parts to be available (all the parts were being used for the new cars now being built) and for the motor to be put back together. When I got it back I got by for a couple of months till the whole brake system had to be replaced although it was done little by little instead of doing it all at once and I had to wait for the service a few days each time.

I had many more periods of travail with the van I had looked forward to after ordering it. Now as Christians I knew we are admonished to be angry and sin not so I more or less made that work but I didn’t know at the time how many levels of frustration there are.

About that time there was the song “Lord teach me to wait came out” sung by Stuart Hamblen.  Now telling you the truth I don’t know if that song helped my wait-ability or not but I have always enjoyed the song.

Over the years I have learned to wait a little better and not fret so much cause it is one of the little foxes that spoil the vines.  Another way to say it; waiting interrupts my fellowship with my Lord.

You know I have to ask this; how are you doing?

Can you keep your cool while waiting? Listen to the song and see if it helps you.

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  1. Thank you Robert for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” I remember that incident very well.

  2. LOVED, LOVED the music. I'm a Gaither addict, but hadn't heard this one before. And sung along with it. The truthfulism hit my heart again. Thank you.


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