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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 15, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 46

(Disclaimer) All my stories, including my rants are not about any persons living or dead, and if something in my rants or stories strikes a chord within your spirit, it is God speaking to you through me!

Justice was served
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Yesterday was quite an eventful day!  Archie had experienced another side of the law he wasn't fully aware of.  He was good at negotiating a deal concerning financial matters but this was something different and interesting.  

Around eleven last night he had received a call from Attorney Maurice telling him that he had made a deal with the Federal agent, and it played out like this.  

The uncle would go to prison for twelve to fifteen years and Junior would be free with conditions.

They would gather all the evidence they needed for their case and then the whiskey would be destroyed lest someone else drink it and suffer the consequences.

After that the truck would be cut up and sent to the smelters.  
He said, “I tried to save the truck but the agent was unshakeable on that point. He didn't want someone to go around bragging about this being a bootleg truck and making up untrue stories that glamorized the illegal trade.

If they wanted to talk about something let them talk about how it almost killed Junior's uncle and left him blind from a bad batch of moon.”

Archie asked if he couldn't have got the uncle off with a lighter sentence?

Maurice said, “He is far better off being in a safe place where he has a clean, dry cell than to be blind in the hill country where someone would have to watch over him day and night.  
Sooner or later he would get lost in the woods just outside their door and would probably be killed and eaten by the wild hogs.  Up in the hills he would have no one to keep him clean and no medical care and the food wasn't the best either.

In either place he would have to be confined, and my feeling was that as a blind man, he is better off in prison. 
This was the reason I went for the sentence he got instead of spending years trying to send him home.  
Then again part of that agreement had to do with letting Junior off without an arrest record.”

Archie said, “You mentioned he is free with conditions, what conditions?”

Maurice said Junior is an intelligent boy but he is uneducated.

One condition is he can't return to the hill country and live in that environment where he in all probability he would end up selling moonshine.

Two he must have a place to stay and attend remedial school four hours a day until he catches up to where he should be for his age.

Third he must be employed so he can take care of himself and must be monitored until he is grown up.

Archie said, “All of what you have said makes a lot of sense and I don't know how you pulled it off.”

Maurice said, “It pays to have friends in high places and are interested in serving the community for the greater good instead of aggrandizement of themselves.

Archie said, “Marcy and I will help in getting Junior settled and hope for the best for him.”

This case had got Marcy's attention and she made Archie tell her everything.

Afterward she said, “I will see to it that he is set up and has a place to stay.”

Archie was too tired to argue so he agreed that she could handle it.
The next day Marcy was down at the court house and by nine.  She had all the paperwork done and she and Junior were out of there.

Their first stop was the barber shop.  The barber turned up his nose, because Junior smelled pretty bad, and when he was in the car with Marcy she had the windows down.
She then took him to a clothing store and bought three hundred dollars worth of clothing.

She handed him the louse remover and said to shower good
Then it was down to a small apartment she owned and after moving all the stuff she had bought for him she told him to get in the shower and remove all his clothing.  He was embarrassed but did as he was told.

She then gave him some louse remover and told to scrub himself real good especially the hairy parts.
Then he was to wash himself with soap and water to get the louse remover smell off of him.
She had laid out some clothes for him and said get dressed, while I throw these old clothes in the burn barrel and burn them.     
To be Continued

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