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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

THE RACER Chapter10

Riding Mower
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Abel had been watching Lucas out of the corner of his eye, and wondered what he was thinking.

Lukas took off running at a fast pace and disappeared.
About ten minutes later he returned with John his father, and he pulled him over to the mower and said "Ain't it a beaut?"

John looked at the mower and said, “It sure is a beaut all right.  It has rust all over it, the steering wheel is cracked, the seat is worn out, and it won't run.”

Lucas said, “I can have it running in five minutes.”

His dad said, “You do that, but I have to get to work.”

With that Lucas completely ignored Abel and started to work on the motor. He did all the stuff that Abel had taught him to do with a motor that hadn't ran for sometime.
With the spark plug out, he put a little oil in the two cylinders and the turned it over by hand, not trying to start it.

He proudly told his father that the oil would keep the cylinder from scaring when he tried to get it running.

His dad left and after two hours Lucas said, “I will have to take it completely apart to find out what is wrong with it.”

Abel had been watching Lucas, and had let him try to get it to run, but when he said he was going to take it apart, he decided it was time to help him.

Able took some sand paper and cleaned the flywheel, spark plug, and carburetor and after that he put some gas in it.  He said, “You forgot the gas, you know it does run on gas don't you.”

Lucas just ignored Abel's joshing him and said, “Let's hear it run.”

After a couple of tries the engine started and Lucas said, “Let me take it for a test run.”

Abel said, “Shut it down and we will take the drive belt off so you don't damage anything you run over with the mower blade.”
For the next hour Lucas drove the mower all around Abel's property going faster and faster.  Finally he drove it into the shop and sat there smiling and once again he softly said, “I'm a racer.”

After his stint driving the mower, it reinforced his determination to become a race car driver.  

He just sat in the mower and started and stopped the small engine. It was an historic moment for him and he couldn't wait until his father came home that night so he could tell him about his great adventure.

He was so excited that he forgot to help Charley work out in the junk yard.

That night at supper Lucas's mother finally had to make him stop talking with his mouth full telling his dad about his exciting day.  
As soon as they had finished supper he insisted his dad go over and listen to the engine run.

John greeted Abel and said, “If he gets to be too much of a nuisance then let me know and I will keep him out of your way.”  
Abel assured him that he enjoyed having Lucas around for he was always excited about something.

The old man Mason came by and saw Lucas driving the old mower and said, “He has really got the hang of handling that machine.”

Abel said, “Yeah, he thinks he is better than he is and acts like it.”

Mason went over and talked to Lucas and listened tolerantly while Lucas explained everything about his new race car.  

Mason patiently listened to Lucas who all of a sudden had become an expert on race cars.  Lucas made it clear to Mason, how it was just a matter of time before he would be running with the best race drivers and his plan was to become the best among them.

Mason said it looks like you are well on your way and I will be watching.

To be Continued

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