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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MILKSOP chapter 49

Detective with Evidence
Archie was glad to see Marcy was home safe and he didn't bother her.

Later that morning the detective called and said he had some information for him.  
Archie told him to come right over for he had a little time available right now.

The detective told him exactly what happened, and he had pictures and a film of everything.  He said they had beat up the two guys Marcy was with, and he didn't want the film getting out to the press.

Archie agreed; it would be best if no one ever saw any of the pictorial record they had in their hands.  
As Archie viewed the pictures and the film a feeling of disgust came over him that was hard to contain.

He thanked the detectives and said, “I will let you know if I need you any further.”

That evening Archie laid out all the enlarged pictures on the large game table, and set the film up ready to run when Marcy came home.  Since she was late getting to work she was also late getting home.

There was a feeling of rage within Archie that was ready to burst forth but he fought to keep it under control.  
When Marcy came in Archie asked her to come in to the game room after she got comfortable.

After a few minutes she said, “Let's get it over with for I'm tired and want to relax.  
As she saw the still pictures of her being groped by several men and women in different states of undress she began to yell at Archie for him checking up on her as if she couldn't be trusted.

He then turned the projector on and ran the whole scene of what was little more than debauchery.  
When she saw herself going to the room with two guys and trying to change her mind and then being rescued by the detectives her whole demeanor changed.

Archie turned the film off and went upstairs to bed.

Marcy never went upstairs but sat thinking about what she had just seen.  She wanted to deny that was her.
She couldn’t believe that was what she had become but the evidence was right before her.  Finally she drifted off to sleep and woke up stiff from sleeping in the chair all night.

The next morning, Archie was in the kitchen making some coffee and getting ready to leave for work when Marcy came in and said, “I'm sorry.”

Archie replied, “I have more important things on my mind for now perhaps we can talk tonight if you don't have a party to go to.”

She didn't say anything as Archie closed the door.  In a few minutes she left and went in to work for a about an hour, and then she came back home to figure what to do next.

Archie had a very busy day with an appearance in court and other matters, but he finished early and came home. 

Although he had some foreboding feelings he decided there was nothing to be gained by putting off the inevitable.

Marcy was seated at the table and Archie got a cup of coffee and joined her. She had put the pictures and film away, but the images were still fresh in both of their minds.

Marcy spoke first and said, “How do you feel about the situation?  Do you want a divorce?”

Archie still didn't speak and after a period of silence Marcy said, “I have thought it over, and I'm not going to grovel just to appease you for I'm not ashamed for anything except for getting caught.”

Archie still didn't speak which angered Marcy and she said if you don't divorce me I will divorce you.

Finally Archie spoke and said I will draw the papers tonight and we can file tomorrow. 
Everything should be cut and dry for this house is yours and you have as much money as I do, so you keep what is yours and I'll keep mine.

She said, “That sounds good to me, draw them up.” 
To be Continued

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