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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, July 26, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 5

Pot Luck dinner
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Abel sat quietly eating, and the young woman did the same.

When he was almost finished he felt he should exchange some words and not continue to ignore her.  

As he tried to think of something to say a man approached her and engaged her in a conversation.

For some reason Abel became embarrassed though he didn't know why, he hadn't done anything.

The man invited her to come and meet some people she didn't know, and she willingly went with him.  

Abel felt like the man was interfering with some plan that he had even though the only contact he had with the young lady was to sit next to her without speaking.

He thought, “I must be losing my mind, all the sudden I'm fantasying about nothing or something that doesn't exist.” 

All this caused him to lose his appetite and he decided to leave and head for home.  

He found his mother-in-law to tell her he was leaving and she said, "I'm glad you got acquainted with Alice."  Abel said, “I don't know what you mean.”

She said, “You know, the girl you ate with.”  

Turning red he said; "I didn't talk to her and I don't know who she is". 

His mother-in-law said, “She is Millie's cousin, my sister's daughter.  Come on I want you to meet her before you leave.”  She had to almost drag him through the crowd of people but finally made it.
Meet Alice
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Alice was talking to some guy but her aunt pulled her away and said, "Alice I want you to meet Abel, Millie's husband.”

Alice gave him her hand and said, “So, you are the one Millie was always writing to me about?”  

He answered, “I suppose I am.”  

She answered, “Well it's nice to meet you at last and see if you measure up to all Millie's braggadocio.”

He said, “I can tell you now that I can't, because she saw me through eyes that were clouded by love.”

Alice laughed at that and said, “I figured that to be the case.”

His mother-in-law walked him to the door and asked, “What do you think about her?”

Abel playing dumb said, “I don't know what you mean.”

“Do you think she is nice?”

He said. “I guess so, but you had better ask one of the other guys that were hanging around her all evening.”

On the drive home Abel's thoughts from time to time included Alice and he didn't know why.

The next afternoon Abel's hound announced the arrival of Abel's mother-in-law Lottie and Millie's cousin Alice.  

He told the dog “Sit down and stay,” as the ladies got out of their car and came over to where Abel was working on a customer's car.  

Abel hastily tried to wipe the grease from his hands as they approached him and said, “Watch where you are walking for its a little muddy around here.”

Lottie said, “You remember Millie's cousin Alice from last night don't you?”

Abel said, “Yes although we never got acquainted.”

Alice said, “Yes, there were a lot of people there and it was hard to meet someone new because old friends wanted to catch up with each others lives.
Abel said, “Is there something I can do for you, or are you just here for a visit?”

Lottie said, “A little of both I suppose.  My car has been acting up a little and I wanted to see how things were going here with you. We didn't have as much time to talk last night as I wished so I, that is we are for a visit.”

Abel was embarrassed for no reason; basically he was just easily embarrassed.  

He said, “Let me adjust your carburetor, and then we can go in the house for some iced tea.   
To be Continued  

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