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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 45

Maurice said, We need a Balance
It was sometime later when Judge Mason returned.  

He had been down to the holding cell block at the court house trying to see Junior but without success.

They went over his story again and Maurice, the defense lawyer finally said he would see what could be done.  
The Judge thanked him and said he had to return home, but they could leave a message at the local store for him and he left them the phone number.

Archie said to Maurice, "What do you think?"

Maurice said; "I know a lot of the people down there and I’ll see what I can do".

It had been a strange day for Archie and he was still going over the particulars as he went home.

He greeted Marcy with a kiss; actually it was little more than a peck.  She eyed him suspiciously and wouldn't let him pass by her.  
He got the silent message and kissed her like a man in love.

He had to smile at that for she wasn't going to let pressure of the days events control the evening's pleasures whether it was to be more intimate or just enjoying each other's presence.

Today's problems would be there to be dealt with tomorrow and tonight and every night was to be for them.  

Marcy never asked him about the goings on at the office unless it directly involved her or he wanted her advice on some issue.

As they ate breakfast the next morning he gave her the short version of the story and that he and Maurice would be looking into it today to see what could be done.  

She said let me know how it plays out when it's over.

Maurice had made several phone calls yesterday and set up some meetings for today.  
Archie had cleared his calendar and was available to go with him.

First they went to where Junior was being held and spent thirty minutes getting his story about what happened.  Maurice warned him to tell the whole truth and not to forget anything.  

He further warned him to tell the story the same way every time they asked him and to take his time but to be convincing.

When they first got there he looked very frightened but when they left he was greatly relieved for he now had someone in his corner.

The next stop was a cafe where Maurice had arranged to meet with the local F.B.I. agent, and he wanted to talk to him on an informal basis.  
The agent gave his side of the story and Maurice just listened attentively while they had some coffee.

Maurice said, “Let me tell you what really happened and what part the boy played in it and see if we can't resolve this matter without taking up the court's time.

Maurice started back up in the hills and told about Junior being taught to do what he was told and when he was told to come and get the truck he was only doing what he had been told to do.  

He had absolutely nothing to do with any thing about boot legging.  

As far as the boy knew - - his uncle was very sick, and he needed to get the truck home before someone stole or stripped it for parts.

He doesn't understand the process of interrogation and you might get him to admit to anything just to please you.

I have given you the straight story and you need to send this young man back home before the experience does him some psychological damage.

Maurice said, “You have the uncle, and you have the booze and you could confiscate the truck if you wanted but these hill people need that vehicle to survive up there.

Dump the booze. Charge the uncle and send the boy home in the truck. If you do that then I will spend some time with him before he goes home and you won't have anymore trouble with him.”

The agent said, “What you say makes good sense but you know the law is the law.”
Maurice answered and said, “That's true, the law is the law but there is something else and that is justice is justice and what we need here is justice not law.”    
To be Continued     

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