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Saturday, July 20, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 51

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Milksop Chapter 51

Archie found himself being hired by a couple more houses of ill repute.  

Seems he had to appear in court every morning on behalf of some house's personnel.

This time it was a charge of stealing some guy's money after busting some gal for prostitution.

Each day he thought, “I have to get out of here for this isn't what I became a lawyer for.”  The thing was he was good at was providing a defense.

He thought, “This is like some of the lawyers in Chicago who were known for their mob ties.”  

It wasn’t long before he got to know all the judges and prosecuting attorneys and usually could work out a deal for his clients, especially after footing the bill for a big evening the night before.

He didn't want to know what services the hostesses provided, but whatever it was it was reflected in the cases the next day.  He knew he wasn't that good of an attorney.  

He had to meet Maria almost every day for one reason or another.  As it turned out her Aunt had many investments that she needed legal advice on.

While Archie had no interest in Maria as a woman, he became friends with her.  

He made sure he looked at the two divorce decrees he had on his office wall each day and that kept him from wanting to get involved with another woman.

Then it happened, there was a shooting at the "Bordello on the Border" and a man was injured quite badly.  He had permanent damage to his lung.  

This meant Archie had two issues to deal with.  The first was a criminal defense and the second was for damages suffered by the plaintiff.

When Archie presented his defense the judge ruled against him at every turn and even he couldn't get the accused off on some technicality.
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Up until now his cliental thought Archie could work magic. 

This failure had caused him to lose some prestige, especially when his client was sent to jail and had a large judgment against him.

Archie had hoped by having a judge decide the matter it would be better than a jury, but the judge they brought in was from another jurisdiction and Archie had no influence on him.

After a couple of weeks everyone had forgotten about the incident and it was business as usual.

Archie often ate either lunch or dinner at the Bordello and Maria would eat with him and talk about places they would like to go sometime.  

Archie would bring some travel brochures with him and they would pretend they were going there on a vacation.

This went on for some time when one day Maria said, she would like to go to Spain where my folks came from and visit some of the hot spots for vacationers.

Before he realized what he was saying, Archie said, “Well let’s go.  We can get two packages that will include travel, lodging and sightseeing.”

She eyed him suspiciously and said, “What else did you have in mind?”

He turned red and said, “Absolutely nothing.”  

Then he said, “Forget that I even mentioned it.  I just got carried away with the idea of going to places I've never seen and didn't realize you might think I had some ulterior motive.

If you really would like to see some of these places then either go by your self or take someone who you trust with you.”

After that confrontation, he all but quit eating at the Bordello and he never took any more brochures with him.  
He in fact told Maria to get herself another lawyer for he wasn't going to be available.  

He had decided to take his own advice and go on a vacation alone!

Archie put a sign on his door that read, “Closed until I return - - Gone to Europe".

As it turned out he was gone for two months and when he returned he moved his office to Monterey and once again started over.

Some six months later he received a phone call from Maria.

She had been arrested and was facing some serious time if she was found guilty.

She begged Archie to please come down and defend her.
He said, “I don't think so because I don't think you could trust me.”  He added, “Besides there are plenty of attorneys down there you can hire that are better than me!”

He wished her well and hung up.

To be Continued

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