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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 39

Back from the Honeymoon
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When Archie and Marcy came to work after the honeymoon there were a lot of smirks and knowing looks.

For Marcy there were suggestive questions and giggles which she enjoyed as much as the staff girls did.  
Finally she told them that they had their fun, and now it was time to get serious about getting ready to move.

Archie had to clear his case load and pack up certain files to take with him. Then there was his library, and many volumes the firm wanted him to have for references.
A New Office
In two weeks the whole staff was going to Huston to secure living quarters, and as it turned out the firm purchased a ten unit apartment building that was more than adequate for everyone; except for Archie and Marcy.

They found a house that would do for now.  It was large enough for entertaining and private enough for newlyweds.  After getting everyone set in their new digs they had two days to discover Huston.

While it was plenty big, the atmosphere was different from New York which everyone found to be nice.
At the end of the week everyone returned to New York except Archie and one of his aides.

Archie had several meetings with the local officials and completed the signing off on their new office building the firm had purchased. 

His aide supervised the setting up of the office with furniture, phones and most importantly the office recreation room.  Archie wanted it to be a place where everyone could relax for a while during the day before having to go back to the grind.  

It had a small kitchen, a game area and a place to lie down in the first aid room.  As it turned out it was far better than what was in the New York office, and he hoped he didn't get too much flak about it.

On Archie's last formal day in New York, he was summoned to the main conference room to meet with some of the partners.  
They told him that they had selected a group of ten lawyers to be the first of many they hoped to hire.
This is NOT What They Said !!
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Archie was surprised at this shift in plans, for he had expected to be the one who picked the new firm's staff.  

This changed his position and authority, because now these men would look to the New York firm for their standing instead of to Archie.

It greatly undermined his position at the office.  This was supposed to be a stand alone company separate form the parent company but now it turned out to be an office down the street kind of thing.

Archie expected to be able to check out all of those he would work with and now the partners assured him they had already vetted the new hirees.

What he thought was going to be a firm under his control was instead going to be an office where each attorney would be directed from New York. 
Apparently he was supposed to just watch over the operation and report back to New York as to how their plan was working.

He further was to provide each attorney with everything they needed in the way of under staff, the secretaries and clerks.

It came down to the fact that he was little more than a manager who was there to supply them with whatever it took for them to be a success, and if things went wrong to accept the blame for it.

This wasn't what Archie had in mind when he accepted the offer.

As things stood he had no idea what the attorneys were doing unless they decided to tell him.  After about three weeks a problem arose that Archie felt he had to deal with.

Trouble in the Office
courtesy Free Clip Art
Marcy had repeatedly told Archie that some of the attorneys were constantly hitting on the girls in the office.  They were threatening to fire them if they didn't give in to their demands.  
A couple of the girls had already quit and others were going to leave if this didn't stop.

Archie had figured out that some of the attorneys were womanizers and spoke to them about it, threatening to fire them if they didn't stop it.  
They laughed at him and said; you can't fire anyone for you didn't hire us.

They went on to say if you don't straighten up we will fire you!   

To be Continued


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