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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MILKSOP chapter 48

Junion was studying hard
Some four years passed from the time when Archie had helped get Junior off from the charges that were leveled against him, and Marcy starting to supervise his future.

He had finished remedial school, high school and was now in college. Junior was able to work enough hours to pay his way

Marcy still allowed him to live in the small apartment rent free so he was doing well.  
Archie helped him get some scholarship money to pay for his tuition.  After his first year of college he decided to become an accountant because he was a whiz with numbers.

At the same time he was working on a business degree.  All of this pleased Marcy and Archie for they felt they had given him a chance to make something of himself.

As for Archie he had been drawn into becoming more active in defense cases. In fact most of his work was being second chair in people's defense.

By this time he had learned all of the defensive moves that attorney's use to either get their clients off or at least get them a reduced sentence and fines.

At times it was distasteful but as his partner said, “We don't make the laws, we only work within them.”  That helped a little, but there is a sense of what is right, and the law sometimes doesn't account for it.

Marcy had become a big player in the real estate market having made several big deals.  She was accepted within the circle of big time property owners as an equal.  

Along with her success she had picked up several friends that Archie didn't care for; women who were players in the world of loose living.

This came into focus one day when Archie happened to meet Junior while he was making a repair in the office next to Archie.

Junior said to Archie, “I don't like to say anything but Marcy is headed for trouble if she keeps on keeping with the women friends she goes around with.”

He went on by saying, “There is a lot of talk directed toward me because she has helped me so much, they tell me what she is getting involved in.

These are people who go to college with me and have jobs where she frequents.  They say she is getting pretty wild and will do things she shouldn't be doing.”

Junior said, “I haven't spoken before because she has been so good to me but I'm worried about her.”

Archie thanked Junior for his concern and said, “It will be alright for I will look into it.”

Archie went to the telephone and called a private detective he used quite often and set up a meeting for that afternoon.  

He had suspected that which Junior told him was going on but had been hesitant to try to check up on her because they had a strong trust relationship so far in their marriage.

Archie met with the detective and gave him what little information he had and gave him instructions to be thorough for he wanted to be fully informed.

He said, “I don't have to remind you that this must be kept private and anyone who works with you must do the same.”

The detective assured him it would be as he wished.  

Archie told the detective that he didn't want it to get out that he suspected Marcy of doing anything improper, but he had to squelch the rumors going around.”

The detective said he would start this very evening.

When arriving home Marcy said she would be late getting in tonight and not to worry.

Archie said, “Thanks for telling me, I don't like you to be out alone at night.”

Marcy thought to herself, “He doesn't have to worry about me being alone, not on a party night.” 

image courtesy free clip art
The detective watched as she left the house and followed at a discreet distance.  He ended up at a private club with another operative and as the evening wore on it looked like a pre-orgy evening.

He managed to get pictures of the whole evening with some people in different states of undress. While some adjourned to private rooms Marcy was high but resisting being taken to a room by a couple of guys.

The detective and his operative stepped in and left the guys unconscious on the floor and took Marcy home.

She passed out on the couch where Archie found her in the morning.

To be Continued     


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