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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 36

Dinner and a Show
courtesy Free Clip art

The next day was Monday and there was a lot that needed to get done but in a moment of grandeur, Archie told Marcy to take a couple of days off,

He was on one hand was already regretting giving her time off, for she was his right hand man - - err woman.

Marcy showed up and said, “If you need me I'm here and I can put off my beatification.”

Archie was tempted but said, “No, go ahead, and tomorrow I want to see a beautiful woman come through those doors, and we will go out to dinner - - and...” 
Then he remembered that he didn't dance very well so he said, “Dinner and a show.”

It was one tough day without Marcy. It wasn't just that she wasn't there; but that she wasn't there to direct what the other secretaries were to do.

The next day was a little better for the secretaries took it upon themselves to do what was needed.

Around six PM, Archie went to the men's wash room, showered and got dressed for the evening out.  He had hoped Marcy had bought some nice clothes for the evening.

He had given her a company credit card and told her he would write it off as a business expense, so buy whatever she needed or wanted.  
He had received a couple of calls during the day to confirm that Marcy had the right to charge on the card.

Those phone calls made him wonder just what she was buying and how much she was spending.

All those thoughts left him when she came in and he saw her. 

He thought, “She is one handsome woman and what am I doing with a woman as pretty as she?”

Then it flashed through his mind back when he hired her and the image of her in her old garb with a few streaks of gray running through her hair.

If she looked as she does now Alice would never have allowed him to hire her.  And it dawned on him, “That was what it was all about.”

She had gone to great lengths to be hired for she really wanted the job in the pool from which she was selected.  
He had never thought of her as someone who he could become interested in, but things had changed these last few days.

At the lake he had not tried to think about romancing her, but there was something about her that made him comfortable and at ease, just being near her.

He came to himself and said, “Is this the woman I hired from the pool?”

She said, “No this is the woman who has come alive and is going to be who she really is.”

Archie said, “You are gorgeous, and I'm afraid to take you out for someone might steal you away from me.”

She said, “Let's go for I have been too busy to eat today, and I am famished.”

The dinner and the show, actually the whole evening went well and Archie didn't want it to end, for tomorrow the ball would be over and their relationship would return to normal - - or maybe not.

The next day Marcy dressed down, but she couldn't or didn't want to hide the beauty she was.

A couple of the partners came by to see Archie and commented that they were impressed by the new secretary he had hired.

Archie never let on that it was Marcy.

One of them said, “Is every secretary you hire named Marcy,” for he had seen her name plaque on her desk.

Archie said, “No it just happened that way.”

The partner also asked if she was married.  Archie lied and said, “I'm afraid so and she has four kids.”

The guy mumbled something under his breath which sounded like, "What a waste."

For the most part everything was business as usual but there was a lot of chatter in the secretary pool about Marcy's new look, and the way Archie was looking at her.

It is the nature of a group of ladies who work together not to mss anything and they are pretty good at filling in the blanks.

One by one they questioned Marcy about her intentions concerning Archie.

It did absolutely no good to deny what they were asking about for they had already made up their mind, even though she tried to refute any interest in Archie.

What made it more difficult was that she and Archie were going out on Saturday and Sunday just for business, you know.

To be Continued


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