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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 8, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 40

Giving Up
Archie was somewhat distressed by what he had been told by the attorneys.  

He reprimanded, but he feared that what they were saying was true; that he couldn't fire them or make them quit bothering the girls in the office.

Then one day Marcy came into his office and told him about one of the attorneys propositioning her right at her desk; and she was beside herself.

Archie asked Marcy a couple of questions, and then barged into the attorney's office and said,

“So you want a date with my wife, Marcy hey?  Well you have a date with me in five minutes in the parking lot. You and I are going to settle this right now.”

The attorneys turned white for he had never seen Archie angry before.  He had always been accommodating and mild mannered.

Archie said, “I'm going out to the lot now so come on out and let's get it on.”

Archie waited for fifteen minutes and the guy was a no show so he went back in and asked where he was.  

One of the girls said. “He slipped out the back way and took a taxi and left.”

Archie was upset and mad the rest of the day but Marcy was very happy for some reason.

The attorney didn't return the rest of the week, and then Archie received a phone call from Lester, one of the partners, he asked, “What is going on?”

Archie asked, “What makes you ask?”  
Lester said, “The attorney showed up in New York and told a wild story about you, and the way things were being run.”  Lester said, “I won't go into details but it sounded pretty wild and the board is thinking of replacing you.”

Archie said, “They won't need to do that, for as we speak I'm writing out my letter of resignation with two weeks notice.”  
He went on to say, “I am laying off all of the female staff as of today and giving them three months severance pay.  They should be able to find new employment by then.  

One more thing, I'm giving them six months free rent in the apartments where they live.

Then there is the big bonus I'm giving myself. It is a very big bonus for I deserve it and I have the power to do that and there isn't anything anyone can do about it.”

Archie went over everything that he had trouble with and said, “What these guys you hired want is a brothel not a law office, and they can vote on that at the next board meeting.”

Lester said, “I'm sorrow it didn't work out, I tried to get the partners to do things different but the vote was always ten to one against me.”

For the next two weeks Archie only spent a couple of hours a day at the office, as he was moving his stuff to his garage.  Marcy had cleaned out her desk and was through with her job.

On Archie's last day, Lester showed up and took the keys from Archie and that was the end of his responsibilities.   

That night, Archie, Marcy and Lester went to dinner and enjoyed a good evening without talking about the failed business.
The next day Archie began to put in place a plan he had been working on every since he could see that it was just a matter of time before he would no longer be associated with the Huston office.
He went over everything with Marcy to get her opinion about the new operation he would be setting up, and she was all for it.

After rehearsing it over several times he thought it was refined enough for a presentation to a small group of attorneys he had become acquainted with.

He set up a meeting with them and went over all of the details.

They were shocked at how complex his vision was but were intrigued by it at the same time.

Archie had laid out before them a six month program that would lead to establishing the largest lawyer group in Huston.      

To be Continued     


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