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Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE RACER chapter 8

A Free Metal Building - One Catch
It Needs to be Moved
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It was difficult trying to work under the conditions Abel labored under.

Without a building to store his tools, he spent more time looking for what he needed than actually working on the vehicles.

One of his old acquaintances came by and told him he knew where he could get a large building for free if he would remove it from where it was.

Abel was interested but somewhat skeptical.  He went down to the plant where the building was and the supervisor said that whoever agreed to remove it could have it free.  

There was only one catch and that was once started he would only have two weeks to remove it and it had to be started soon.  

Abel saw that the metal building was nearly new but the plant was expanding they needed a larger storage facility.

The supervisor said Abel could use some of their equipment if he needed it.

Abel set the starting date and let it be known that he could use some voluntary help in removing the building.

Over the years Abel had made a lot of friends and come the stating date on Saturday there was a small crowd there to help.

During the next two days the metal building was down and hauled over to Abel’s place. They had saved virtually everything including the screws and laid it out in order.

Helpers and a Cement Floor
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He had to go to the bank and borrow enough money for the concrete slab but the next Saturday they poured the cement floor.

His helpers had dug a pit where Able could get under and work on the bottom of the cars while standing up. The next day the building started to rise and the following day it was finished with a rollup door.

The whole project had been a lot of fun for the people with the ladies bringing food and drinks and every time someone saw the building it made them feel good about helping someone who had in past time had helped them.

There was still much more to do on the inside but at least now Abel could work in the dry and not under his tree.  Charley had been active during the whole process and Abel fixed him a room of his own in the rear of this large building where it was dry and secure.

The shed he had been living in wasn’t dry for the roof leaked and the wind blew through.

Abel needed to get back to work and catch up for there were several cars that needed attention and some of them belonged to people who had helped him work on the new building.

The supervisor at the plant came by and couldn’t believe that he had the building up and useable. He said there were several work benches Abel could have for the plant managers wanted to have everything new in their new building.

Abel went directly over and got the benches and also a lot of equipment he needed. As he stood back and looked, he was so thankful for the new building and for friends who cared enough to donate their time.

The preacher wasn’t too happy about people missing church and working on the building project.
One of the deacons said, "Isn’t this exactly what being a Christian is all about?  It reminds me of the story of the donkey in the ditch, kinda."

The preacher said, "Yes, you’re right as long as you don’t make it a habit to miss church."

The deacon said, "No we won’t do that." The story went around about the whole project.

How the company gave the building to Abel and how the people pitched in and reconstructed.
Some didn’t believe it and went out to see it for themselves.

The next Sunday Abel was in church and the preacher’s text was Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Abel said, "Amen" many times during that message for it was true in his case.
To be Continued

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