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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, July 19, 2013

MILKSOP 50 Chapter 50

Sad Divorce
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Archie went down to work and filled out the paperwork for them to sign and picked up enough moving cartons to pack his belongings in.  He hated moving but this one will be simple for all he was going to take was his personal things.

He said to himself; “I can't believe this is happening to me the second time.”

Divorce Papers
Marcy signed the divorce papers and Archie filed them an hour later.  If everything went well they should have the dissolution of the marriage in two months.

During this time Archie sold his partnership in the firm, and made plans to move.  
Since he had quite a large sum of money coming he set up a payment plan to be paid over the next few years.

Marcy's friends were a comfort to her, and their attitude was let's party and she agreed it was time to get down and have fun.

Archie moved out the next day after signing the papers and never saw Marcy again.  
He thought to his-self, “One day I thought I was a happily married man, and the next day it was over, it just doesn’t seem real.”

As soon as the deal with the firm was completed, Archie left Huston and ended up in San Diego, California with a one room office near the Mexican border.  His desire was to only take as many cases as he could easily handle.

Soon after he got his license to practice law in California, his business began to pick up.  Being near the border he had many people trying not to get deported.

The sailors there provided a lot of business for there was always someone involved in a civil case.

Then one day he got a new client.  It was the "Bordello on the Border."

The establishment was always getting busted for something. They would have been closed up except for the fact that many of the city fathers were customers of the place.  
When someone was arrested it usually resulted in a small fine and a warning.
It was supposed to be a bar and restaurant, but the rooms' adjoining it were where the real money was made.

Archie received his final divorce papers and hung both of them from his two marriages on the wall with his law degree just to remind him not to get married again.

He couldn't figure out what he had done wrong.  He was twice married and the result was the same in both cases.  
Apparently the women just weren't satisfied with him, and he couldn't understand it.

It seemed that almost every day he was in court with the Bordello people and then the owner who was an older woman retired and her niece was taking over the business. 
The Aunt stayed long enough for the niece to fully understand the business and how to run it.  

While the aunt was at one time one of the working girls her niece made it to be clearly understood that she wasn't for hire.  Her aunt agreed that it wasn't necessary for her to be a “working girl, only to manage the place.”

The new owner's name was Maria, and she supposedly was Spanish.  Her folks came over from Spain forty years ago and took up residence in Mexico.  

They had moved across the border into the USA, before Maria was born so she could be born in America.  Thus she was an American citizen; while her parents had to go through the immigrant process to become citizens.

Maria was a Beautiful Spanish Girl
It was when he was first called to represent one of the bordello's workers he first met Maria.  
Archie knew many Spanish people in New York and she looked like them as to hair, skin tone and so forth. Archie was impressed with her poise and business acumen, not to mention she was absolutely beautiful.

Long ago, he had ceased to be impressed by a woman's beauty, for he had known many, and had married two of the prettiest of them all.

He made it a point not to ask anything personal in their dealings, because he totally wasn't interested in her except as a client.  
To be Continued   

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