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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Thank you for reading my Musing's - My continued story will resume very soon!

Just a Piece of Paper ??


What do you do when a woman isn't worth marrying?
You move in with her and call it a relationship,
Well after all it is only a piece of paper! So says the devils lie.

She isn't worth taking to the altar and vowing to love her for life;
For after all she is only a convenience much like a washing machine
Something you replace when a better or newer model shows up.

"A private whore she be, who lives only to care for me, lucky her."
After all it is only a piece of paper! So says the devils lie.
With feign words of love I control her for she has no value in her eyes
I see her much in the same way and marry oh no, no not I.

Relationship, relationship what a useful word. It gets me what I want and that without any emotional cost to me, wonderful me, oh lucky her.
I owe her nothing and can leave without being reproached; for she has no claim on me, I pledged nothing on paper, I am free, so smart am me.

I took her without commitment or promise; she fears I will leave for there is no way to stop me. I am the siren of olden days with a new face and gender. My theme song is "Love me tender" Oh thou worthless one.

Let none say I am unfair, for the whore unaware, knows well how he feels for her. In his eyes she is and always shall be a negative - plus so easy to be replaced. They are lined up to take her place for relationship has rendered her valueless.

Ah yes; I must go, for at her best she is far below, one such as I.
Back to where I found you, oh fly on the bar. 
A “One Nighter” I had mercy upon
but even I have my limit on how much I can forebear,
away, away, away.

 It's only a piece of paper, meaningless for I will never sign on the bottom line. It's only a piece of paper, so says the devils lie.

Don't believe the Devil's Lies


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