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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 53

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Milksop Final Chapter 53
Maria was sure Archie could Fix the Problem

On the way back to San Diego Archie laid out the plan to get Maria out of this mess she was in.

He said “What this is all about is there are some people who want your establishment and will stop at nothing to get it.  It is primarily the location they want because of the proximity to the naval base.

They have trumped up this charge in order to get you to sell and the judge and the D.A. are part of the reason you have been charged for they are in on it.

But it goes all the way back east to where the money people are.  When you go to jail they will force your aunt to sell out cheaply, and with you out of the picture they will have a free hand.

Now this is the way we are going to handle this and get you out of this mess.

As soon as we get to San Diego I will draw up papers where I will buy you out and I will be the new owner of the club.

With you out of the picture they will have to deal with me and this is where we will be able to solve all the problems.”

As soon as it was known that Archie was the new owner of the bordello and that he was going to tear it down, and put a day care center in its place he was immediately contacted be the people who wanted the bordello and they were ready to deal.

Archie laid out the deal and it was a “Take it or leave it,” transaction, because the bull dozers were waiting for the okay to start the demolition.  

Seeing the dozers on site caused the buyers to agree quickly to all the stipulations.

I will accept one million dollars in cash; all charges to be dropped against Maria and no further harassment against Maria or her aunt.
Archie specified how he was to be paid and as soon as all criminal charges were dropped they had a deal.  

Archie had to smile when the lawyers for the buyers said, "This looks like a win - win situation for everyone."

Archie set up a trust for Maria’s Aunt and placed nine hundred thousand in her account to be managed by the bank's trust department. 
Then he gave one hundred thousand to Maria for her work at the Bordello.

Maria wanted to know how much Archie's fee was going to be and he said “Nothing; I enjoyed doing it for you.”

She asked him, “What is next for you?”  He said, “Its back to Monterey and relaxation. What about you?”

She said, “Well I was wondering if you had any of those brochures around for I was thinking about taking a trip or maybe a honeymoon, if I was asked to marry someone. How does that sound to you?”

All Archie could think about was those two divorce decrees hanging on his wall.

He said, “I'm really tempted, but you know I have failed in two tries at matrimony, and I just don't know about having a go at a third time.”

Third Time IS a Charm
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She said have you ever heard, “The third time is a charm?”

He paused thoughtfully and then said - - 
“You know, you are right; the third time will be a charm.”

- - And it was !!

The End

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