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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 42

Marcy's New Apartment Building
Things were moving along very well with Archie and the new venture.

It was up to him to do most of the work finalizing the deal with his old firm, and renting half of the building out, because his new partners were busy with cases they were working on.

Actually it made things a lot easier not having to consult the partners about every little thing.  This way he only had to tell them what he had done.

He hired several of the secretaries that had worked for the old firm.  Some had already found new jobs and Marcy wanted one of her favorites to work for her.  

As it turned out Marcy took one of the offices in the new building for her real-estate office.  She had earned her real estate license and her office was open for business.

Her apartment house had thirty units but ten were vacant.  She inspected each one and after her tour, she decided to up grade the ten.

Finding some contractors who would work with her, and expedite the remodels speedily was a bonus.  It was necessary to get them rented quickly and at a higher rate of rent.

As they were finishing the upgrades, some of the tenants already renting there wanted to move into the newly finished units.  After some hesitation she let them have them at the new higher rent which they gladly paid.

But now she still had ten empty units, but decided to renew those units also.
The same thing happened again; the remaining tenants wanted to move in to the newly finished units so she agreed to let them, once again at the higher rent.

While this wasn't something she had figured on, but she redid the last ten units, and put a nice fence around the building with an electric gate.

After renting the last ten apartments she received some offers to buy her building at more than twice what she had paid for it, but she decided to keep it for an income.
Even with the cost of all the upgrades her apartments had a positive cash flow.  Marcy had no desire to show and sell real estate, so she hired three agents to work for her and bring in some money to pay the local expense.

Most of her time was spent looking for distressed properties that she could fix up to sell and make a profit.

Beautiful Secretary
When Archie was setting up his office, Marcy said she would pick out his secretary, 

He was surprised at her choice.  He figured she would pick out some homely reticent older woman.  

The girl she chose was very pretty and a sharp dresser who knew how to attract a man.

He sheepishly asked her about her choice and she said, “This girl is beautiful and can do the work.  
When someone comes in to your office they will immediately be stimulated, and that is the first step to doing business.

I've talked to her at length and she knows how to handle herself without turning the prospective client away.  In fact every time they have an appointment they will look forward to seeing her again.

Even though they can't have her... it is like window shopping, you enjoy looking at what you can't have.”

Archie said, “If I remember the last time my wife picked out a secretary for me, I ended up marrying her.” 

Marcy said, “Yes that is true but you were married to a girl, and now you are married to a woman, so don't worry.”

Archie thought, “Wow, she has that right.  She is sure some woman.”

He sat there grinning like someone who had just got the pick of the litter and smiled as he thought, “I must not be too bad after all for she chose me out of those she could have had.”

To be Continued

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