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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 15, 2013


This True Story is an extra post and is entered at my Wife, Hazel's True Story Site.  My continued story will follow very soon.

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She was on the north side of twenty when I first met her and her mate. As we became better acquainted she revealed to me a part of her past.

As she remembered it her prince had come.  Together they were the manifestation of impeccability.  None had ever approached the essence of perfection they had attained.

She went on to say, “Alas he was of the noble scion and she was ordinary. He was a Lord and she was a commoner. 
While they saw beyond these walls of stature, the wicked Queen Mother declared it would never be and thus it was.

The Prince once snatched from her bosom, was never to return.  Now alone she made a vow to live in the despair of “What might have been.”

I was getting more uncomfortable as I was trapped into listening to this tale of woe and I wondered, “Why me?”

She continued, “This was but only the beginning.  With wounded heart her existence went on until another suitor came on the scene and tried to woo her. 

But the place where passion dwelt was locked away never to be opened to anything but a memory; the place where “If only” reigned as king.

Many days of little significance came and went until she under pressure from every source finally agreed to sacrifice herself upon the altar of matrimony.

Numb from the disappointment of the past, she entered the marriage before her with her body only and that being grudgingly. 

No one, nothing could go beyond the veil of flesh for the soul belonged to someone else, evermore.  She went on and restated how perfection exuded from the prince's every pore and how together they were a whole.

But now her lot was to live being only half of what she was meant to be and that could only be expressed by "Woe Is Me," continually.

Now what of the one she wed? 

He worshipped her like a goddess, treated her like a Queen but that wasn't enough, he wasn't her prince.  

There were always three that slept in their bed and she projected thoughts of her prince when......

She went on telling the glory of the images of her loved one.  

Sometimes adding, sometimes repeating, ever reliving as her story gushed forth.

A short while later her husband arrived and as he entered the room - - the story stopped.  

Over the years, I have thought of her tale of woe and concluded several things.  One issue was the fantasizing of an unreality that no man could compete with for we all fall short of perfection.

The image she treasured was the embodiment of perfection and which she felt was hers for a short time and was kept alive not tainting it with reality.

She did not bring her whole self to the marriage thereby robbing her husband of a fulfilled marriage experience.

She went to her grave preferring to live in the despair found in the land of “Might have been,” than to experience what joy was to be found in real life.

There is a question asked in the Bible; "Will a man rob God"?  The response was wherein have we robbed Him? 

One answer is; "By sinning."  When we sin we withhold that which belongs to God, full, open, and unfeigned fellowship with Him.

When sinning, like the woman in the story we fail to bring our whole self to the relationship with God.

That part of us remains alienated from the savior and neither He nor the withholder can enjoy the fullness that is to be found in Christ.

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