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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 38

Make Up Your Mind NOW

After Archie put the ring on Marcy's finger they just looked at each other.

Finally she spoke and said, “Do you know what we have just done?”

He said, “I'm not sure, but it was something I wanted to do.

Marci said, “Tell me now if you now have any regrets about doing this, because it will be easier to take the ring off today than to wait a few weeks while we are preparing for the wedding and have told everybody we know; and then change our minds?”

She continued, “For me when I accepted this ring everything was settled and I have committed to being your wife, but if there is the least bit of doubt about whether you want to go through with it, then now is the time to call it off.”

Archie looked at her somewhat quizzically and said, “I have been thinking about this ever since our weekend at the lake, and I didn't make up my mind on the spur of the moment.”  

He went on to say, “I have had what you might call a false start in life with Alice and I don't want a rerun of that, but I am certain that I want you to be my wife for the rest of my life.  

I hope that reassures you for without any trepidation, my mind is set.”

She said, “Well that settles that, but I had to make sure for you must admit your method of proposing was a little different to say the least.”

He answered by saying, “Well I didn't want to have a ring I had no use for if you turned me down, and this was one way not to have that happen.  

Then again if you had turned me down I would have been embarrassed to go back to the jeweler and say, ‘She didn't want me,’ and try to return the ring.”

She asked him, “Who would you need to tell about the engagement beyond our friends and people we work with?”

He said, “Only my Aunt Celia for she would want to know.  She was highly upset about Alice and me breaking up for she liked Alice very much.  I suppose she still feels the same way about her.”

Marcy said, “We are going to move to Huston in about two months and we will be very busy for some time.  I think it would be best to get married right away and when we move - - we move together and not have to deal with two separate places to live.”

He said, “That sounds good to me.”

After checking the calendar it was decided they would be married in two weeks.  They decided on a small wedding ceremony, and then a reception for everyone.

Celia came down a few days before the wedding and got acquainted with Marcy and they hit it off right away.  Celia was the only one in attendance for the ceremony with Marcy wearing a simple white gown and Archie wearing a dark blue suit.

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They preferred this moment to be very personal and private instead of putting on a big display before a large crowd.

After the ceremony they met with all their friends for the reception and greeted each one personally, and then it was off on the honeymoon.

Their courtship, I guess that was what you could call it, was somewhat subdued, and there wasn't very much of an outward expression of their feelings for one another. 

However during their two week honeymoon all restraints were off and they gave themselves to each other completely both body and soul.

Archie thought how much different this was than when he and Alice were married.  

What he now experienced made it clear that there was something missing in his first trip to the altar.    
To be Continued

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