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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 1, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 34

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Archie had a restful night's sleep, the first one he had in a long time.  He got dressed and went to Marcy's room and knocked on the door to see if she was up and about.

When she came to the door he said, “Let's have breakfast, this fresh air has made me hungry. After a big breakfast, and some strong coffee they retired to the veranda and sat looking at the boats on the lake.

After relaxing for awhile he said, “What I wanted to talk to you about was...” and he laid out the whole plan the firm had proposed to him.

She didn’t say anything for some time and then she said, “It sounds like a large undertaking, do you think it will succeed?”

He said, “Yes I believe so for the firm has promised me their full support and will advise me at every turn until we are up and running.”

She said, “From what I know about Huston it is a large city but nothing like Manhattan.”

He said, “Yes, I know, but I have had enough of this town, and it would be a relief to get out of here.”

She said, “It seems that you have pretty well made up your mind and I don't understand why you wanted to talk it over with me.  I suppose it will be back to the secretary pool for me.”

He answered, “Now we come to the reason I brought you up here. I want to know if you will go with me for I have come to depend on you, and I don't want to try to find a replacement for you.  Actually I don't think I could find someone to fill your shoes.”

She said, “This is something I have never considered doing. I agree with you I have had enough of New York also, and I'm ready for a change.”

He said, “Fine, what do you think about our staff do you think they will go with us?”

She said, “Humm, I think most will go except for Charlie, he was born here and has family here, so I doubt if he would transfer.”

Archie said, “That is about it, let's relax and enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow then when we get back I will tell Lester I will take them up on their offer.

There will be many details to work out which will take about three months so let's keep this just between you and me until things are set.”  She agreed it would best not to tell anyone until everything was final.

As Marcy sat there she thought Wow! I am glad it was about a new job and not something else I thought he might have in mind.  He has been separated from his ex-wife for several months, and hasn't been going out on any dates... who knows how a man's mind works at times.

Archie enjoyed the best time he had for months just relaxing and talking to Marcy. 
This was the first time he had ever just sat down and talked with her about things other than work.

Something that Archie couldn't understand was how Marcy was looking younger as time went on. When he first met her she looked to be in her late thirties but now she could pass for the mid-twenties. Just before they left for home he couldn't resist any longer for it was really beginning to bug him, so he asked her how old she was.

She laughed at him and said all my information is in my application for work!  He said, “I never paid any attention to that part for I assumed you were around.... were older than you look now.”  
She laughed again and said, “How old do you think I am, now that you know me better?”

He hesitated and talked around the subject until she insisted he give a straight answer. He said, “Well you look at least ten or more years younger than when I first saw you.

That was one of the factors I considered before hiring you for I wanted a mature woman for a secretary.”

“You mean you wouldn't have hired me if I had been a younger woman?” He said,
“That's about it, because my ex-wife wouldn't have been comfortable with it.”

She laughed even harder at that for she was having a good time at his expense.  She then sobered and said, “I had better tell you the whole truth about the matter.”   
To be Continued

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