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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Could have been me

It should be over since the trial for Zimmerman found him NOT Guilty. Yet black protestors in our small town along with black church representation stood on our county steps and sang and chanted their disapproval of the verdict.  Hate continues as black Leaders spew their "hate the White and Mexican races."
Not Guilty said the Jury
courtesy news report

Obama says, "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago."

Obama could also have been “Cordell Lamar Jude and murdered Daniel Adkins (who is White/Hispanic).

He could have been on top of Zimmerman and busted his skull open had he not been stopped.

Trayvon was trying to kill Zimmerman or at least that was the way it seem to him.

Your viewpoint is governed by who is getting pummeled. When your head is being split open by force with no end in sight you do what you have to do to stop it. It wasn’t a case where he slammed his head into the concrete and stopped and walked away.

There was no indication that he would ever stop until he had killed the “creepy white cracker”.
If it was my head getting smashed no amount of rhetoric after the fact could justify it happening to me at the time.

The question to ask and answer is “if my skull was in danger of being split open would I stop it if I could’?

While I can’t answer for anyone else but my answer would be “yes I would stop before I was killed.”

So what of Al Sharpton’s doctrine, it goes something like this; Martin pummels Zimmerman, good Martin. Zimmerman stops Martin, bad Zimmerman.” Black” Cordell Lamar Jude murders Daniel Adkins “Hispanic”, good Jude.

The bottom line is Hispanics have little value and should be attacked and/or killed with or without reason because Obama couldn’t be Zimmerman or Daniel Adkins but he could be Trayvon Martin.

The president they helped elect agrees with Sharpton’s doctrine for nowhere has he identified with the Hispanic people only those who are black.

As the white house tries to prosecute Zimmerman for a hate crime we remember who it was with a racist remark “creepy, white, kill-my-neighbors cracker”, and a “creepy-ass cracker”.

The president doesn’t buy into the old white folks belief “innocent until proven guilty” or innocent after being found “not guilty”.

In Zimmerman’s case he wants justice after the fact even though the legal system found no evidence to show him to be guilty.

When Obama starts to value the Hispanic people to be equal to the black community maybe he will then have some credibility among the people not of his color. There is no cry from the White House for justice for Daniel Adkins!


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