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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Six

Billy Bought the Farm
When Billy arrived at his home town, he drove slowly through it.  Not much had changed except a couple stores had closed.

He stopped and bought some groceries and presents for the family. It was late in the afternoon on Sunday, and when his family heard the car drive up they ran into the house to hide, except their old dog who slowly came out and when he recognized Billy he jumped all over him.

The family was watching through the window, and the father came out first, and greeted him, but because of his Ricardo look he didn't know who he was.

It took some time to convince his Dad that he was his son Billy. One by one the rest of the family came out and had a similar reaction but after him talking to them in his old southern drawl they knew it was brother come home.

His brothers all laughed at the way he looked but the sisters thought he looked real good just like in the movies.

He had them help take all the stuff into the house, and they enjoyed the best meal they had ever had, and everyone got a present. The boys were carried away with the car they decided to sleep in it that night for they had never seen a car so fine.

After everyone went to bed Billy talked with his father, and found out the farmer he sharecropped with had been cheating him out of his share and they almost starved. This didn't set well with Billy and he set about thinking how he could get fix things.

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The next day, he went to see the farmer and talked to him about buying the farm.  No one would buy a farm these days because no one had any money.  The farmer didn't recognize Billy, and thought he was a stranger that he could take advantage of.

Billy took the farmer to town in his new car, and the man fell in love with it. The ride was so comfortable he couldn't believe it.  

He had asked the farmer to show him some other farms he might purchase, and after the tour they returned back to the farmer's house.  

Billy asked if he liked the car and the farmer said yes he would give anything for it. Then Billy said, “How about trading the farm for the car and the farmer hesitated.  
Before he got a chance to answer - - Billy said, “You will never get the chance to own a vehicle like this again and its either yes or no.

The farmer said yes, he would trade even for the car.  Having made the trade for the farm, Billy moved his family into the farmer's house which was twice as large as the one they were living in.  
NewTractor for Family
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He also bought the adjoining two properties, and a new tractor and other tools to work the farms.

After all this it didn't make a dent into the money he had amassed. He fixed one of the other farm houses up for himself and relaxed. It had been a long time since he could just sit back and do very little.

Billy had become wise in the ways of the world, and set up the farms to be profitable, and take care of the whole family.  He brought in some government agricultural experts to evaluate what the best use of the land would be, and how to get help from the government.

With things going well he bought two more farms that his brothers moved onto, and shortly after they found wives for themselves.  

One thing I failed to mention was Billy wanted Ricardo to be gone, just in case anyone decided to be looking for Ricardo. 

So Billy got himself a very short hair cut with NO hair gel and presto, Ricardo disappeared and Billy returned for good.  

To be Continued.  


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