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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

THOSE WERE THE DAYS Chapter 4 - Mom gone

Mama Leaving

Being in close contact with other people affected Logan's parents as well as him. 
Innuendo was the common language due to familiarity with one another.

Then one day Logan came home and his mama was gone.  Her closet was empty and the savings was missing.  She was never seen or heard from again.
The one person he thought he could depend on had left the premises.

Until that moment he never realized how important she was to him. She was always there, something that was for his benefit, and her world depended upon him.

Without him her world didn't exist. He never considered her as a person apart from himself, and discovering this deflated his ego to the point where his self worth would take years to recover.

Shortly after his father arrived home, and when he realized what she had done he went through his full range of emotions enhancing each of them with language Logan had never heard his father say.

Under his father's breath Logan heard his father say, “I was going to be the one who left and now she takes my money and leaves me with this kid, damn, damn, damn.”

Logan managed to withdraw enough to keep out of harms way while his father vented his anger upon the furniture and one window.  After all that outrage, the landlord rather forcefully requested that we leave and not come back.

His father had met a young widow named Hattie whose older husband had died and left her a big house with many rooms but little else. She decided to rent out some of the rooms, and would supply meals if they so desired.

Because of so many single people around she quickly filled her rooms and had a nice income. Because of all the additional work she hired some help to do the extra chores.  

Several of the rooms were empty part of the time because the occupants would travel because of business.  They wanted a place they could call home and enjoy the “comforts of home” atmosphere she provided for them.

Of course on occasion some lothario would want to pay for his room by wooing her, to which she would reply, “A room with wooing will be double the price.”  Needless to say that was the last she heard from them.

Since we had to move quickly, his father approached Hattie saying I would like to rent a room with board for me and my son. She looked at Logan and said, “I don't rent to people with kids for they are too much trouble and destroy things.”

It took his father over a half an hour to convince her that Logan was well behaved, polite and would not damage anything or upset the other guests.

Finally she gave in and said, “There is a cot in the basement you can set up for the lad on a trial basis.  If there is any trouble out of you or him, out you go.”

Logan was motionless and didn't look up all the while this conversation went on, and it wasn't until she came over and raised his chin and said. “Let me look at you.” 

 He lifted his head and stared into her face.  As she looked him over, a chill went through him, and then and it was then he decided that he would never cross her.

 To be Continued  

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