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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter twenty three Conclusion

Wedding Day
It was six o'clock and the rooster had been crowing for some time now. It was time for the hens to get up and start to lay some eggs for he wasn't about to let the hens sleep in. They knew he wouldn't have any use for them if they didn't lay those eggs and the only thing left was, "The pot."

Billy got up and washed up a little and started to fix his breakfast.  He smiled and said to himself, “I'm going to have to get me a wife to cook my breakfast,” all the while thinking about the days coming events.  

One of his brothers was going to watch over his place while he was gone so that detail had been taken care of.

The wedding was going to be a simple ceremony with Linda wearing a wedding gown her mother had made for her, and Billy wearing his dark blue suit.

Billy had a black suit he wore for funerals but decided for this he would rather wear blue for the wedding. The local pastor would perform the ceremony and the reception would be after a couple of pictures were taken.

As to the wedding party, her mother would be her matron of honor and Billy's father would be the best man.

The selection of his father was a little different but it stopped a lot of arguing among his brothers, cousins and friends who all wanted to be best man.

Food for the reception was going to be part pot luck and part catered.

Several of Billy's friends were in the sheriff's department and were going to make sure no one interrupted the proceedings. I suppose you might say everything was ready for the eleven o'clock happening.

The waiting until time to get ready and leave seemed like an eternity for Billy.  All he had to do was take a bath and dress. As for Linda there were a lot of last minute things to do, so she didn't think about the time and besides she had slept in until her mother woke her.  

At last! The moment had arrived. Billy and his father were at the make shift altar.  Linda's mom was coming down the aisle that was filled with saw dust. Then the music played, "Here comes the bride."

Billy was glad it didn't say, “Here comes the groom,” for he wouldn't have been there.

Since Billy was not the most handsome man around he wondered how he was able to get such a beautiful woman to fall in love with him. She must have seen something in him that he had never seen.

As she approached the altar he reached out, took her hand and shortly after a few words; they were man and wife.
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The pastor gave thanks for the food and everyone headed outside to the tables where the food was. It took about fifteen minutes for the pictures to be taken, and then the new Mr. and Mrs. Hill went from table to table and thanked each person for coming.
Then quietly they slipped away for they wanted to get on the road.

Linda wanted to leave her wedding dress at her mother's place for her mother was going to remove some of the lace and make some other changes in it and fashion it into a party dress.  Her mother said it doesn't make any sense to put such a lovely dress in a closet for thirty years and then throw it away because it had rotted.

Linda began to remove her gown, and she asked Billy to help her with the buttons and he obliged her.  Then she dropped the dress, and started to remove some of her under clothes that went with her gown. Billy gulped and turned his back to her, he wanted to change his shirt which was sweaty and after changing shirts he waited for her to get dressed.

After a bit of shuffling her clothes she said; it's alright now! When he turned around she was almost naked and he was speechless.  He knew, she knew, he was embarrassed, and she was just having fun with him.  

Finally he spoke up and said, “How would you like it if I suddenly took all my clothes off?”  She just stood looking at him, and after a while said, “Alright I'm waiting.”

That was too much for Billy so he said, “You're shameless, put your clothes on - - I'll meet you at the car.”

So! They were on their way with a hundred miles to drive to their first stop.

Billy felt foolish for making a fuss about her undressing in front of him. It was being married and all of what marriage meant had not fully sunk in as of yet.

Linda said she was sorry about teasing, and embarrassing him but it was all in fun.

Billy answered and said, “It was that you just caught me off guard.” Linda asked, “Is there any thing wrong with a husband and wife dressing or undressing in front of each other?”

Billy said, “It isn't that it was wrong, it is just that this is new to me, and I will get over it rather quickly.”  Linda said, “That's good for I am not a prude, and I expect to get to know you very well.”  

After two and a half hours they arrived at their nights lodging and found their cottage. After unpacking, they went to the lodge for their supper.  By the time they finished eating it was getting dark; they returned to the cottage and pulled the shades down for privacy.

Linda went in and took a shower, and dressed for bed. Billy felt he needed to do likewise, and he came out with a towel around himself. He went over to the bed where Linda was and turned out the light, then lay down on the bed.

Linda said, “Turn the light back on for I want to see what I am doing.”

Now I could tell you in detail what happened that night, and the two weeks of their honeymoon, but I would just bore you with the details.

I will just say they did what couples do on their honey moon, and you can figure it out from there.   

As you might suppose - - they lived happily ever after!

The End


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