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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, November 30, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Five

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Billy waited until darkness fell and the town was closed down.

He knew the hotel was the last place to close its doors.  He drove back into town and coasted the last two hundred feet behind the hotel.

Billy quietly entered the side door and made sure no one was in the foyer. When he got the opportunity to ease up behind the manager, he hit him in the back of the head with a rubber hammer which they kept for helping change tires on the car when they had a flat.

He jumped over the counter and was ready to give him another blow when he saw he was out cold.  

Quickly he went to the safe and found a large envelope with his money in it and then he saw a metal box with the hotels cash in it. They didn't trust the local bank, and that was the reason for the big safe they had.

Billy decided he would take most of their money as payback “interest” for stealing his.

Shoving the cash into his bag he then closed the safe and locked it.

After that he dragged the manager outside and loaded him into Logan’s car. Then he poured some of the spirits the manager kept for sipping onto the manager, and drove down to the local house of ill repute, and carried him in.   

The local madam welcomed him, and was willing to comply with Billy’s wishes.  She was instructed to undress the hotel manger, and when he awoke in the morning to act as though he had been with one of the girls all night.  At day break, Billy said to call the man’s wife and tell her to come and get him.

He gave the brothel madam one hundred dollars which was more than they earned in a week, and an additional hundred if they would spread the word that the hotel manager spent the night with them. They quickly agreed to do that.

Billy assumed the hotel manager would be so busy denying that he had been down there; he wouldn't have time to say he had been robbed, and besides no one would listen to him anyway after this.  

Leaving town in a hurry; Billy drove all night for he wanted to put as much distance as possible between him and the town he left behind.

Arriving in a major city, Billy went direct to the local Buick dealer, and told the owner that he wanted to sell his car to them.

Of course they wanted to interest him in a new car, and the car dealer did his usual song and dance.  Billy pretended to listen to them but told them he still wanted to sell his car to them, and after that he would probably buy a new Buick from them. When the dealer thought he had convinced Billy to buy the most expensive car he had on the floor, Billy went back to selling his old car to the dealer.

Finally after believing Billy was ready to purchase the new Buick he paid Billy a good price for the old car. The car was in Logan's name, and Billy signed over the bogus ownership papers to the dealer for cash. Then he told the dealer he wanted to test drive the new car over the weekend, and then he would decide whether to buy it or not on Monday. 

The dealer wanted Billy to sign a contract for the new car and Billy agreed to do so with the understanding he could tear up the agreement if he decided not to go through with the deal.
The dealer filled the tank with gas, and Billy drove off in his brand new car which was bought in Logan's name and not in Billy's.  

He drove the car directly out of State, and went to the first junk yard he found, and acquired a license plate from a similar car that had been wrecked.

Then he printed up some phony ownership papers in Logan's name and headed home for a visit, for it had been three years since he had seen his family.

To be Continued

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