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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, December 3, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Eight

Picnic Basket
It was a week since Billy made his declaration that he liked buttons, and that was the reason he so frequently visited the Fabric store.

As soon as he said it - - he knew how stupid it sounded, and he stayed away because of how embarrassed he felt.  Finally he gave in and this time he went over and said hello to Linda instead of fumbling around and talking to her father or mother.

While Linda waited on a customer her mother came over and asked Billy if he liked Linda.  He thought; “That woman sure knows how to get to me and I think she reads me like a book.”

He started to lie, but felt so disarmed that he said, “Yes but don't tell her that.”  Her mother laughed as she said she wouldn't tell, but Billy wasn't convinced she was telling the truth.

There was to be a picnic basket auction held at the church on this coming Saturday and Billy wanted to know if Linda would be bringing a basket to be auctioned off.  So he finally asked her mother and she said. “Yes; Linda will be bringing one, and she is a very good cook so you better bid on it.”

Seems there is always a fly in the ointment and such was the case concerning this event.  There was another man who also was attracted to Linda.  He was an older fellow who oft times intimated girls to go out with him.  By the same token he would threaten young men who also wanted to date girls of their choice.

Billy knew this man very well for he was several years older than him and when they were both younger, Billy had been beaten up more than once by him in school. The bully let it be known he was going to buy Linda's basket, and no one else had better bid on it. That settled the matter as far as most of the young men were concerned but Billy wasn't going to let him run rough shod over him.

Come the afternoon of the social, the bidding started and the highest basket sold so far was for a dollar and a quarter. The word had got around that there might be a bidding war on for Linda's basket so everyone was waiting for the bidding for it.

 The sponsors had gotten wind of what was happening, and realized there might be some trouble when Linda’s basket was sold, so they held her basket back for it to be the last one bided on.

Even though he knew there might be some trouble; when they asked for an opening bid, Billy bravely spoke up and said; “Two dollars.”  

Everything went quiet, no one said anything, and then a voice in the back said; “I bid twenty five cents.”  The man who was auctioning off the baskets said; “We already have a bid for two dollars.” The man in the back said; “He retracts that bid and my bid is the high bid so I win the basket.”

As the bully made his way forward Billy spoke up and said. “Perhaps we can resolve this matter another way.  I will still bid two dollars, and the person who prepared the basket can eat with whomever she wishes to.”

Billy went up and took the basket, and handed it to Linda as he said; “Pick your dinner date.”  She wasn't about to eat with the bully who had spoke up so rudely so she said; “I choose Billy.”

Everyone held their breath and waited to see what was going to happen next.

The bully rushed forward, but Billy's brothers stepped in front of Billy, and told the bully to hold it right there or they would take him apart.

The bully didn't want to tangle with all the brothers, so he backed off while mumbling obscene words and death threats.

Billy called out to the man and said; “You think it over for two weeks, and if you still want to fight with me I will meet you in the town square at noon on Saturday and we will have at it. - - -

Meanwhile I am going to enjoy my meal with Linda.”

To be continued.

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