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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

THOSE WERE THE DAYS Chapter 2 - Starting to grow

Mother and Child
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Having arrived at the age of one and mastering much of the language needed at that stage, he laid out the process and his methodology for the future life ahead.

It was a little early for plans to be made, but his process was to consider every step as a battle to be won.  He was determined to always make the best use of the tools at hand. Those were tiresome days while waiting for his mind and body to develop.

Learning to talk
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Mama was trying to teach him new words, one of which was papa and she tried to associate that word with a person who Logan felt he had no need of.

He didn't need papa for he had mama.

After another tedious year Logan was two years old and realized that sometimes more than one word could refer to the same thing. For instance da da and pa pa was the same in some instances. But he still had no need for either word because of who it referred to.

He discovered something that he later learned was called pain, and should be avoided in most cases. It was one thing to be taken out of the comfort zone but pain was in a class of its own.  He acquired all this useful knowledge in response to his stubborn willfulness.

Slowly days passed, and he arrived to the age of three. The uphill battle to become this person he now was had been taxing, but had been worth the struggle for he was now prepared to rule his domain.

As far as he was concerned the world revolved around him and was subject to him and his wishes.

While the dolly had lost it's strong influence, it still occupied its place on mama’s bed and each day it bothered Logan more and more. The very presence was an irritation till one day his mother was taking him shopping.  

While she was getting ready, he climbed on the bed and ripped the arms and legs from dolly and hid it in his jacket. 

While traveling to the store he tossed the dolly out the window. When mother discovered what he had done she took him to papa and woefully described what his actions had been.

As it turned out papa felt the same way as Logan about dolly and wasn't concerned about what Logan had done.

It wasn't pleasant for Logan for several days but he thought it was worth it.  Mama had taken dolly to the doll hospital and one day she proudly returned with it all healed and well.

When she saw Logan looking at the doll in her arms she threatened him with great violence.  With that mama placed dolly in the great trunk and locked it securely. Although dolly returned home, she never was laid on the bed with her head on the pillow again.

Logan observed that as each year passed, mama would change a little so he had to change with her in order to always get his way.  

With him and papa things were different, for most of the time neither one acknowledged the other's presence and both liked it that way.

Visiting the kin folks was nigh unto torture for he had to sit quietly and act like it was a special treat when given a stale cookie.

To be continued 

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