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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Sixteen

I'm Leaving Town Now !
Billy packed the bags of lover boy and helped him to his car.

Though he was in a great deal of pain he managed to get it started, and put it in gear. He let the clutch out too fast and spun the wheels. Then he missed a gear but finally went out of sight.

On the train going home his brothers smilingly asked; "What was this all about anyway?" He said he had some information which made him suspect some guy was trying to mess with Linda.  When the girls told him what was going on he understood the whole picture and needed to deal with it.

While Billy was working with Logan, he had met every kind of con man in the business and he knew how they operated.  Some would boast about what they were doing, and tell how they did it while others were closed mouth.  

A number of them seemed to enjoy bragging about their conquests and the most braggadocios' ones were usually those who preyed on women.

They loved to tell how they manipulated with their sweet words, and took advantage of naive women. They were known as the love them and leave them, hit and runners, hump and dumpers, and were proud of being called that.

Some found great success by hanging around colleges and plying their skill there. The guy that was after Linda fit the bill perfectly therefore he had to be dealt with in the most effective way possible.

The one thing these lover boys feared was having their good looks marred and added to that, fear for their life would make them flee out of sheer terror and not be heard of again.

His brothers laughed and said; “We sure took care of him.” Billy replied; “What do you mean WE!”

They answered; “While you were taking his suitcases down to the car we pounded him some more, and made him see there was more than one tough bruiser who was going to get him. 

Besides that there were a couple of guys that stuck their nose out and wanted to know what was going on. We decided to show them rather than to try to tell them.”

“We think that a doctor will be able to straighten their noses without too much trouble and they will be back to normal in about six weeks.”
Billy thought; these brothers of mine; they had to get in on the action, but actually that was the reason he brought them with him, just in case he needed someone to watch his back.

Outside of his skinned knuckles Billy felt fine, and his brothers were pleased to have been a part of the fight.  Since they had settled down with a family, things had been just routine and somewhat dull so they appreciated being part of this excitement.

Billy went back to taking care of his duties and didn't write Linda for a while which worried her for she usually got a letter every day or two.

She wondered if he had heard about her dating lover boy.  Linda shared her concerns about Billy, with her girl friends, and they asked her what happened to her lover boy. She said, “Don't call him my lover boy. The dumbest thing I ever did was to go out with him, and if I never see him again it will be too soon.”

Her girl friends had to smile at that, for they had gone over to “Romeo’s” apartment, and witnessed Billy drag him out to his car all beaten up and sending him on his way.  
The girls felt good for they realized they had played a major part in the entire matter.  

The girls told Linda if she was worried about Billy, she should go to the Deans office and tell her it was a personnel emergency and you need to call home; then phone Billy and see if there was a problem.

Linda did as they suggested, and after a delay her call went through.  

Billy was on a party line so she listened for his ring and finally he answered and said; “Hello!”   
To be Continued      


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