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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, December 17, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Twenty Two

The next day was the day before the wedding, and Billy went by to pick up Linda about ten o'clock and they headed out to their new home.  

On the way out there Linda put her arm around his shoulder, and once again straddled the gear shift. This made it a little difficult for him to shift gears and in doing so his hand kept rubbing her leg. This had him a little flustered and then his hand slipped and touched her somewhere above the knee.

She teased him saying, “You are getting a little ahead of yourself aren't you? The wedding isn't until tomorrow.”  He didn't have a quick retort for that one, after what seemed to be quite a long time he said, “If that is the case maybe you better sit over on the other side of the seat.”  She just laughed and said, “Maybe I had,” but she didn't move over.

They arrived at the house and went inside, and a couple of men were finishing the painting and were almost done.  Billy said, “I hope the colors are okay for I didn't have time to talk it over with you. Your mother helped me pick out these colors and said she had some beautiful material that would go with them for curtains.” Linda said, “My mother has good taste and I know what she had in mind.”

Linda had an idea what kind of rugs she wanted so armed with that information they headed for lunch.  On the way back to town she began to talk about the wedding and reception. She said, “We should slip out as soon as practical and be on our way to our first stop.”  

Billy wanted to stop the conversation right there for it was going where he didn't feel comfortable talking. She went right ahead and plunged right into the wedding night and Billy began to sweat.  She talked about things Billy would not have dared to discuss with his men friends. Things he never heard of.  

She never let up and it made him wonder where she had learned about all this stuff. Stuff was the best way he could describe it. Then she said something that took his breath.  She said we are not going to waste months or years waiting to experience a mutually satisfying relationship.

With out hesitation Linda said, “Husbands and wives should be able to talk and learn together and not be embarrassed about anything.”

Billy was weak by now, and for some reason his mind went back to the time when her mother said to him, “She needs to have a little more time to mature and I want her to go to finishing school for two years.”

He then realized that this wasn't the shy little girl he had asked to marry him.

This was a grown woman and he better get used to her.  He wanted to ask her where she learned all this stuff, but was too embarrassed to do so and besides she might ask him why he didn't already know the things she was talking about.

They arrived at the diner and ordered some food. Billy was quiet and said very little, and she taking his lead said very little also.

They went back to the car and on the way to her house she told him all these things we discussed is only a theory at this point, but starting tomorrow we will test them out.

Billy dropped her off and went home for a couple of hours until it was time to go back to Linda's house for dinner. There he sat, thinking about all he had heard from Linda.

Each and most everything she had said, he concluded after getting over his shock; didn't sound too bad.

To be Continued

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