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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter 15

Dinner and a Movie
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After finishing his chores Billy went to pick up Linda and take her out to dinner and then to the movie house.

They didn't watch the movie very much due to the hugging and kissing.

After one kiss Linda said; "that thing has to go," referring to his mustache. The next day the mustache was little more than a memory which pleased Linda to no end.

Then he showed her the surprise he had been saving for the right moment; which was the new home site for their new house.  She looked over the plans and immediately started to make changes in the floor plan.

This pleased Billy for she had some good suggestions but more than that she was now involved in their future home.

The summer went quickly with Linda helping in the dry goods store and Billy working on the farms.  Before long it was time for Linda to return for the last year of college and then school would be over.

They were both looking forward to that because the separation was difficult for them.  
When school was over, they would be ready for the wedding and there was the house to be built, so many things ahead.

Unsuspectingly Linda wrote her parents that she wouldn't be able to come home for Christmas because of scheduling her classes and she would spend Christmas day with friends near the school.

To say Billy was disappointed was putting it mildly and her parents were also very upset.

Linda had not been writing Billy as often as before and when she did write it wasn't very personal.  Billy assumed it was because of the heavy schedule she had.  He wrote her and told her of his disappointment.

Linda's mother took it a little farther and contacted some of Linda's friends at school and inquired as to what was really happening. They pretty well laid out what was happening and it didn't set well with her mother either.

Apparently some fancy Dan had kept flirting with Linda until she began to enjoy the attention he paid her, and they were spending time together.  She knew Linda was meant for Billy, and she didn't want her to make the mistake of becoming infatuated with some guy who flitted from flower to flower.

She tried to figure how to tell Billy about her concerns and finally she just came out and told him what was going on, and that he should do something about it before it went too far. The boy had a bad reputation and was a very smooth talker.

Billy understood the whole matter and told her he would take care of it. He went home and called his two brothers, and said we are going to take a little vacation. Pack your bags and we can catch the late train.
Train Station
They knew something was up, so they were already at the station before Billy got there.

It was still early when they arrived at their destination so they ate a good breakfast. During the trip he explained part of the reason for the trip and he just wanted them to back him up if necessary.

Both of his brothers said they were hoping it would be necessary for they would like a little of the action.

Billy went to the school and found the girls that Linda's mother had contacted and they explained what was going on.  They also told him where the cad lived and how to get there.

Billy requested that the girls not mention to Linda that he had been there for he didn't ever want her to know about it.

The girls were eager to agreed not to say anything to her, and they would leave things to him to solve.

Armed with this information Billy knew where the offender lived and caught him still in bed for he had been out late last night. 

Without saying anything Billy jumped straddle of him and hit him in both eyes which immediately started turning black.
In a threatening voice Billy said; "you have violated your right to live;" and hit him hard again in the mouth. The trembling guy through bleeding lips said what have I done?

Billy hit him twice more in the ribs and said; "you have been messing with my girl and you have forfeited your right to live."

Well for the next half hour lover boy did some of the most pitiful begging to live that was ever heard.

Billy had hit him just about everywhere and said; shall I come back tomorrow and do this again? At this point the guy was hardly able to respond so Billy shouted in a loud voice; "if you ever in any way have any contact with Linda, I will be back and finish you off, do you understand?"

The guy assured Billy that he was leaving town this very day and would never be back.

To be Continued


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