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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My Own Little World

Yes, those were the days with the daily events displayed for all to see and secret things too private to be shared at least in the now.  Such as the secret thoughts that Logan a three year old kept to himself; the world he could escape to when life became too taxing.

Today the greater wisdom is that three year olds desire to please but if that is true then Logan was retarded or far advanced beyond his years.  Logan's world was all about him, he was the only thing that mattered. His way was the only way. He insisted in raising himself for he knew what was best for him.

One might ask, “How did he get this way so early? It is understood this attitude should be reserved for adults not for children.

To understand this phenomena we must start before the beginning.
Baby Doll courtesy photobucket
Logan's mother was young when he arrived upon the scene, and while she should have been past the stage of playing with dolls, she wasn't.  She would make up her bed, fix the pillows just so and put her favorite doll on the bed with it's head on a pillow. There it would rest until she felt the need of comfort that only her dolly could give.

Being a tweener she wanted the best of both worlds; to cling to her childhood while becoming a woman, and responding to attention heaped upon her by young gentlemen.  She strained at trying to understand the mating dances performed by these outlandish male creatures, that were accentuated by strange lies and bodily movements.

Their display of the unseemly provoked little interest for her and she questioned their sanity.  During one of the more entrancing displays she became overwhelmed by unknown emotion and entered the state of M.R.S.

Unbeknownst to her she possessed a fertility nature and after participating in the fertility rite, she expelled a male child not unlike the male in her life.

While she was disinclined to part with her favorite doll because of her past relationship with it; there was another interest in her life.

Now it would be up to the new born Logan to prevail in the conflict between him and the favorite doll who had an edge because her sweet doll could say, “Mama.”

The favorite doll routine went forth everyday, but Logan was determined to win out and while he had not mastered the word, “Mama,” as of yet, he could make screeching sounds that would always draw attention away from the doll to himself.  He further could say “goo goo” in several languages and was daily adding to his repertoire of words.

Logan finally prevailed in this his first battle and the power of strong determination became his main stay. The doll was done in by it's limited abilities which were in part: passivity, wetting itself, closing it's eyes and saying mama.

Logan on the other hand had almost unlimited resources. He could do everything the doll could do, and so much more.  His need for sustenance and sanitation alone gave him a great edge due to the time involved factor.

Being victorious Logan could now do a case study on his mama that lasted long after he left the nest. He tested her at different levels and recorded how she responded and the time it took.  

For faster response he would turn up the screeching volume which signaled urgency. After Logan had mastered techniques of control over "mama" he was now in control of his world and ready to go forth.

To be Continued      
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