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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Latin Lover
In an early chapter you might recall these words; "Billy couldn't make sense out of what was happening to him, especially this Latin Lover business.”

He had learned his lesson about who was the boss, and didn't question what Logan was doing, at least not out loud.  

There was part of the story that Billy wanted left out but I argued with him about it until he finally gave in and briefly I add that here.

Part of Billy's training during the first two weeks took place at Madam Gloria's place mostly at night.  Billy wasn't ready for the Latin lover character he was supposed to emanate. The look was easy but to act like the lover was another issue. He needed to be a male "Vamp" an "Enchanter" as it were.

Logan knew Billy could never pull that off without expert training. This was Madam Gloria's task, to make him think and act like a lover.

Billy thought all this just to sell a few magazines was a waste of time, but Logan had bigger horizons to conquer, and this was the first step toward those goals.

To exude a sense of sensuality Billy had to know all about it by experiencing it and it was up to Madam Gloria to teach him.

Now here is where I would normally go into details, but at Billy's insistence let me say Madam Gloria was an excellent tutor leaving no stone unturned.

He learned the art of sales seduction with body language, the looks that could entice the female to buy his products knowing exactly what each look conveyed.

As Ricardo (Billy) progressed he became more astute in plying his trade and Logan couldn't have been more pleased, and was ready to move on to much bigger game.

Logan usually dealt with the men while it was Ricardo's job to entice the women to buy.  As you remember they never delivered anything to the people it was just a scam.

There was a time or two when the women were so carried away with Ricardo's pitch that he had to make a hastily retreat with unkind words being hurled at him as he left.

Next Logan added an air of sophistication to Ricardo's act that would appeal to men. The self assured man of the world that many wished to be.

While this was of no use in dealing with the poor folks, people with money ate it up.

This is by the way of explanation of what had occurred during the three years Billy was with Logan.  Stuff he tried to forget, and to slide back and become again the real person he truly was.

Billy found out that play acting can cause one to lose themselves in the process.  Returning home did wonders for him just being around his kin.

He still retained the smarts he acquired, but he no longer was troubled by the Ricardo character.  Slowly the genuine Billy emerged and he was glad to see his return back to being himself.

The next chapter in our story continues after this addendum


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