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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, December 28, 2012


Trapped in the Woods
Moving In !!

Though still not married George and his girl friend moved in together. In those days people still retained enough moral values to look down upon such an act in contrast to today.

They were hid away in the cedars and didn't have to face any scrutiny from neighbors. Where George worked it was never mention although his situation was always in people's mind when they saw him.

He took a live and let live attitude, and went on about his business. No one could fault him for his work ethic and he could be trusted to give a full days work without supervision and for that they respected him.

While George was out and about to find work, the live-in girl friend was trapped, existing off of the main gravel road down in among the cedar trees in a two room shack.

She almost never saw anyone, and this was in contrast to having been raised in the San Francisco bay area where contact with hundreds of people each day was normal.

As nature took it's course children were coming along and that kept her busy but in the midst of this loneliness she developed the habit of lying and exaggeration.  Her life was so confined she created a fantasy land of her own.

A neighbor down the road was the target of her lies most often told, and finally George told her you are such a big liar I can't believe anything you say.  From that point on he didn't pay much attention to what she said except when it was obviously factual.

The one release from this drab existence he was living was night hunting. He loved his dogs and anytime he wasn't too tired, off he would go into the night for a few hours respite. 
After years of breeding and raising dogs he finally had two young dogs that were very special and they were known throughout the area.

Two men who ran field trial races heard about them and came to see him.

They immediately wanted the dogs and since he wasn't used to fast talking wheeler dealers they conned him into selling them for fifteen dollars for Jack and twenty five dollars for Mac.  When you make three dollars a day and have kids it was hard to turn down.

A year later these men sold Jack for six hundred dollars and Mac for a thousand, and both dogs became national field trail champions.

George was really taken back by what he had done and never got over it for they were the best dogs he ever had. He raised several dogs after that but none of them came close to Jack and Mac.

After awhile he gave up on hunting and that important part of his life ceased to exist.

Skipping over small events and daily routines a few years passed, the family had grown to seven kids and her father had got over his mad and made contact with her.

After discovering that he and his wife had all these grandkids they had never seen they were trying to figure our how to work it out so they could see them.  

It would cost a lot of money to pay for round trip tickets for all of them to visit and the grandmother wasn't up to traveling to see them. After giving it a lot of thought the grandfather came up with a solution.

To be Continued   

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