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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Some of the 13 turned out alright!


There are a few more things to be said about this brief story about George.

As to his thirteen kids, some struggled against great odds and turned out well.  

Others just went with the flow and didn't improve their lot above welfare.  The last group was evil and would steal, rob and reportedly, kill.

The grandfather and grandmother had little to do with them after their arrival and ignored their need for help. It was somewhat understandable due to the actions of the undisciplined kids.

George's girl friend was very young to get involved as she did, but the chief motivator was the way the parents had treated her. After she met George she thought he felt about her as she did for him and after the first time they were intimate she felt bonded to him for life.

One cannot understand how traumatic it was for her being so young to rebel against her parents.  To take money she earned but was forbidden to touch for it was father's and to buy a ticket to go 2500 miles from her home; and hope that she would be accepted by people she didn't know, and they didn't know she even existed. 
It wasn't an easy trip and after she found the home where George was staying she had to march in and announce she was there to marry their son.

Think of the uncertainty she faced while waiting for George to appear and telling him she was ready to get married. Some think she was near to being obnoxious but there were some positives about her.

She loved her man and was faithful to him. She never stopped wanting to get married and after the tenth child they did finally get married after all those years.  

Her kids always thought they could rely on her whether they were right or wrong.

Did George ever love her? There may be different degrees of love and being with her over thirty years, being intimate with her and having his needs met and she having his children, and consenting to marry her after all those years indicate there was a love connection at some level. 

That’s just the way it was!      The end
This was a true story with names changed to protect the innocent. 

A new fictional story will begin in a few days. 

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