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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


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It was early Christmas morn I was up but not awake
The coffee helped a little for I had food to bake
The turkey was defrosted and the giblets I did take
For they belonged to the dogs for goodness sake
I washed them clean liver, gizzard, heart and neck
I even threw in the tail thinking what the heck
Besides we would never eat it, I ain't no redneck
All in the pot, heated to a boil soon it would be in a dog
At last I can sit and rest though I should go out and jog
The pot doth boil cooking the meat and it begins to swell
How long will it take to cook through and through I cannot tell'
Then a scratch at the door and a whine by one, no two no three
I had heard that sound before those dogs were warning me
- - to Come and open the door
Something was wrong but I was too tired to get up and see
What ever it was - - it couldn't concern me
but the whine was now a howl
I went to the door and three dogs rushed in and pointed to the pot
Their pitiful moans caused me to get up and walk to the stove
And behold the giblets were burned to a crisp not fit for a dog
Their heads hung down no wag in their tail only a forlorn wail
Each in turn looked sadly at me and left me alone scraping the pot
They being downcast, looking so sad, for DRY dog food was all they got.


  1. Thank you Robert for bringing us a bit of humor today at Tell me a Story. Loved your poem

  2. As usual, you broke on here and broke as you could. Appreciate you. Blessings...


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