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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Twelve

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The consternation in Billy's mind immediately showed on his face because Linda had heard his discussion with her mother.

He just sat there with the motor running saying nothing, and had the feeling of being naked before her.  She had to smile at his response or the lack of it for she never knew he was capable of such emotion.  

Linda reached over and turned the engine off, and told him to get out of the car and go for a walk with her.  He obeyed her and while still in a state of shock began to walk slowly down the road.  

She, arm in arm with him, bluntly said, “There is no need to be embarrassed for it will just save us a lot of time of hem hawing about the way we feel about each other, and now that it is out in the open we can talk about it.”

Since he had already done his talking she thought he should know what her position was.  She told him she wasn't ready to be married just yet. Hearing that didn't lift his spirits at all.  

She went on to say that doesn't mean that I haven't made up my mind as to who I want to marry.  Before I tell you who I have chosen to be my husband I need to know if you would be willing to wait for two years for a pretty, intelligent, very loving woman and one who would always be faithful to you?

This was killing Billy; he couldn't take much more of this fooling around.

He answered her and said, “Only if it was you I was waiting for and if we settle this right here and now.”  

She said, "That being the case you have my permission to talk to my father, and if he says yes to these conditions then we will be engaged to be wed in two years from now.  
I could just say yes now, but I respect what my folks have done for me all my years, and I think I owe them a chance to approve of the man I have selected to be my husband. "

Billy said to her, “Shouldn't we kiss or something?” She giggled and said, “Yes we should kiss but the something will have to wait.”

They returned to the car, and embraced while leaning against the car for some time.
Upon hearing a car coming up the road they jumped in Billy’s car and took off down the road to town.

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They arrived back at her place they couldn't resist kissing before they went in to talk to her father.

She called both her parents into the parlor and said, “Billy has something to say to you both.”  Billy had a bad case of dry mouth and the words wouldn't come out so he sat there head down not looking up. Linda said, “Well, what he wants to say is,” then Billy cut her off and said, “I want to marry Linda.” Then he added, “If that is okay with you?”  

Her mother and father looked at each other and laughed which made Billy very uncomfortable. Her dad said, “I knew you would get around to this sooner or later, and if it is what Linda wants it is alright with me.”

Her mother, Ellen added, “You remember our conversation and are willing to wait a little while?”  He quickly said, “Yes.”  “Then we welcome you to the family.”

Ellen knew it would be hard on both of them to wait but in the long run it would be for the best. By the time they got married they would have time to get to know each other.

To be Continued



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