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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Twenty

Hired a Tent for the Wedding
Days had quickly slipped by and soon Linda would be free from the bonds of higher learning.

The last couple of days were filled with remembering what his father had told him to do.

The more he thought about it, the smarter his father got. He never thought of his dad as understanding human nature to this depth. Just because his dad didn't try to push his thinking onto someone else didn't mean he wasn't capable of understanding the deeper issues of life.

As Billy mulled it over in his mind he came to several conclusions. For one, his father in so many words said; “We all have faults. Most of them can be eliminated or improved upon. (or overlooked)  Don't set a standard for people they can't live up to. We often see people in a different light than what they are. Love can cause you to not see the imperfections in another and when you come down to earth you think they have changed and are disappointed in them.”

Billy thought of these things as they applied to Linda. She wasn't perfect; there were little things that could annoy one.  She did have weaknesses as in the case when she was wooed by the lover boy, and her head was turned for a moment.

Things added up and he saw her as she really was, which was as his father had encouraged him to do. The outcome was there were no false expectations and there would be few upsetting revelations in the future for he pretty well knew who he was marrying.

The strange thing was, even knowing all this he was still madly in love with her and was determined to wed her. He felt he could be totally committed to her as she really was and not some fantasy imagery he concocted in his mind.

He experienced a certain freedom come over him for now all uncertainly was removed, from his mind.  He was sure!  She was “The One.”
A problem arose which was; there was no place large enough for the people who were planning to come to the wedding. Many were invited and some invited themselves.

There was an evangelist holding “Revival Meetings” in a large tent so Billy went and got permission to use it for a slight charge.  

A couple of days passed and the wait was over; Linda was on the way home.
illy was waiting at the station when the train arrived and as she stepped off the train, he greeted her with a slight embrace and a quick kiss.  He didn't wish to put on a show for the locals.

Her father and mother also gave her a welcome. While her folks waited for her baggage Billy took her home for she was exhausted. It had been a long day, part of the morning had been spent saying goodbye to her friends whom she might never see again, and the long train ride home resulted in her being very tired.

When they arrived at her house they sat in the car just embracing, not saying anything, and just holding each other.  Billy broke the silence by saying; I'm so glad you are here, and I can hold you. I will never let you leave me again.

Her parents drove up behind them and Billy got out of his car and helped with the baggage. He said; I will call you tomorrow at noon and see if you want to go out and have lunch.

He realized her parents wanted to have a little time with her before she went to bed so he left and went home.

To be Continued

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