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Sunday, December 9, 2012


End of the World
Once again the end of the world has been prophesied. This date is December 21, 2012.

It always gets people's attention when someone predicts a certain day for the return of Jesus, or in some cases they just call it "The end of the world."

Even some Christians do some hurry up "Confessing of sins" and pledge to clean up their act when this happens. Then the day passes, and they breathe a sigh of relief, and its back to business as usual.

As Paul said on one occasion "Brethren these things ought not to be."

Would it be out of line to suggest that our lives should be lived as if the return of the Lord was going to be today?

Matthew 24:26-27 "Someone might tell you, 'The Messiah is there in the desert!' But don't go into the desert to look for him. Someone else might say, 'There is the Messiah in that room!' But don't believe it.

When the Son of Man comes, everyone will see him. It will be like lightning flashing in the sky that can be seen everywhere.

Mark 13:31-32 The whole world, earth and sky, will be destroyed, but my words will last forever. "No one knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don't know when that day or time will be. Only the Father knows.

Matthew 24:42 "So always be ready. You don't know the day your Lord will come.

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