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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, December 10, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter 14

Growing a Mustache

With Linda finishing her first year up north Billy decided to go up there and ride the train home with her.  He found the college and finally located her.

She was so surprised that it took her a minute to realize it was really him, because he had grown a mustache he looked a little different.  When the shock wore off she embraced him and kissed him once.  

Then she looked at him and laughed said, “I will need to get used to that thing for I have never kissed a mustache before.”  

She then turned and introduced him to several of her friends, and her main instructors. To the instructors she said; I would like you to meet Mr. William Hill from my home town, but to the girl friends she said; this is Billy, my future husband.

Billy got himself a room at a local hotel, and took Linda out for dinner.

There was a curfew for the girls, and he had to take her back before he wanted to.

The next day she packed up her belongings, and she and Billy headed for the station with a couple suitcases. She left most of her things in storage for the next year. It was going to be a nine hour ride so they settled in sitting close to each other and holding hands until they got sweaty.

They took their meals in the dining car where Linda met a couple of school mates, who insisted they all sit together for dinner and during the whole time they talked about school and the coming year.

Billy never felt so out of place in his life for he could add nothing to the conversation.
Later one of the girls told Linda your finance sure is quiet he never said two words during dinner.

After saying goodbye to her friends who got off the train, Billy and Linda relaxed as much as you can with the wheels clicking on the rails. The rhythmic sound made you sleepy and Linda went to sleep with her head on Billy's shoulder.  

He discovered something about her he didn't know, and that was; she quietly snored when asleep.  He laughed to himself and thought, “I hope that doesn't get any louder as she grows older.”

With his arm around her and her head on his shoulder he was very glad he went to get her and squeezed her a little tighter.  It was dark when they arrived home.

He had left his car at the station so they loaded up, and he took her home where her parents were waiting up for her.

Billy didn't stay very long for he knew they were tired, and he needed to get home for some rest.

The morning came and Billy had to make sure everything was in order. As usual there were a few problems to be dealt with but nothing major which was a relief.

Billy had installed a phone and called Linda to tell her it would be late afternoon before he would be over to see her.  She said; she had slept in and there were some things she needed to do so it was just as well.

Billy had done something he hoped Linda would be happy about, and that was he had purchased a home site to build them a new house on.

It had a beautiful view of the river and the lake in the distance.  It was high enough that there would never be any danger of flooding which seldom occurred but was always a possibility.

He had some preliminary plans drawn but wanted her input for he expected her to live there for a long time.

To be Continued   

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